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Wavin' walls...

Well, I'd been really interested in trying hallucinogens for quite a while, and finally got my chance about four weeks ago.

Well, I'd been really interested in trying hallucinogens for quite a while, and finally got my chance about four weeks ago. Me and a friend bought an eighth and split it between us, eating them in some peanut butter sandwiches (in my car, cause people in my house wouldn't go to sleep). We chewed hartily, I watched as my friend licked the baggy they came in, and then we trecked back down my driveway to my house.
It must've been about 12:30 when we got back into the house. We sat down, watched some tv (I think I was watching Gunsmith Cats, pretty cool cartoon), and waited for them to take effect.
It was 2:00 before I felt anything. I had repeatedly told my friend that I was fine when he asked, and he'd respond telling me about something he was seeing.
After a while, I stared at the wall next to me and could see the pattern shifting, just a little, like calm water. It wasn't much of anything to work on.
My friend kept asking if I was seeing anything. He was getting angry that I was fine, it pissed him off. He said he was seeing ferris-wheels and other oddities. I couldn't figure out why he was so pissed.
Then my mom came down stairs, we were on the couches in the next room. "Just be quiet." We were nervous to say the least.
For some reason, although she never had before, she spoke to us. "Hey guys, theres some movie yada yada yada," I don't remember it precisely.
I couldn't fathom why she would talk to us that night of all nights. But it would be alright, we'd just kick it, and be quiet. Then I started to see things...
I was watching tv, and the walls above and below started to get stripes that matched the venetian blinds on the windows. It looked pretty damned cool. I just couldn't help but laugh, as much as I fought it back. It looked to cool not to react at all.
If I relaxed my eyes, I could see everything in the room fitting into a grid. Not that it moved, just that it fit into some pattern that I'd never seen before. I was pretty psyched that I was finally seeing something.
After a while, my mom went upstairs again and went to bed. I don't remember what time anything happened after that. I do remember my friend telling me that he saw a snake moving under everything, but I saw no such apparition.
After a while, my buddy got pretty psycho. I'd tell him that just a few things were going on for me, and he'd start talking about something. He'd ask if I could see something when he ran his hand along the couch, and I'd say I couldn't, to which he'd promptly respond that I could. He was wrong.
I guess on second thought that my mom didn't go to sleep. I heard some dogs barking outside, so I went outside to investigate. Walking, I couldn't see much, then I heard the dogs a little right of center, and something making a different noise 60 degrees up and to the right. My senses were so sharp I could feel where I was hearing this thing.
On my way in, I heard my mom yelling to my friend, and him coming up with something hardly coherent. I yelled that I was looking for what the dogs were barking at. Then I remembered something I wanted out of my friend's car, a porn flick.
I grabbed a mag light, yelled that I was going back out, and marched out the door. I took a few paces, then pointed the mag at where I heard the noise and turned it on. Dead center of the light, squeaking or something, was a racoon, stairing back very unhappily.
I turned it off, marched to the car quickly, grabbed the tape and returned. My heart was racing, and I spent countless minutes recounting the tale to my friend.
I watched the whole movie in fast forward. It wasn't very entertaining, mostly due to my friend's poor taste in porn. When it was done, I kicked back with some music and tried to focus on imagining things.
It was weird, that things I imagined with my eyes closed seemed more real, more detached. This girl I was kind of interested in kept coming to mind, although I hadn't really thought of her much recently. When she said things, it wasn't like I was trying to think of what she should say, but like some part of my brain was outside of my thoughts, playing that part for me. I found it enchanting, so I just spent some time talking to her, and feeling totally comfortable about the whole thing.
When I stopeed doing that, we came to the decision to try and get to sleep. I layed ther for hours, hearing this noise over and over behind me, it wouldn't stop. It started driving me nuts, it felt like it was drilling through the top of my skull. I finally figured out it was a dripping faucet two rooms away. When I shut it off, I was much relieved.
When I tried to sleep, my mind kept exploring some thoughts of mine. I'd always been able to connect colors and music and smells and tastes to feelings and memories, and in this sleepless rest I was finding connections I'd never made before. When I thought of my family (extended, like grandparents and cousins, etc.) I was seeing colors and patterns that seemed to fit them, sum them up somehow I hadn't been able to before.
When I finally got to sleep I felt very peaceful and happy about my new discovery. I just hope I can decipher what it means eventually. :)
Note: We'd also ingested a quart betwen us of OJ before the experience.

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