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Trippin at Wal-Mart

This was my first time ever trying shrooms, my friend Jerry had gotten across some guy who could get some really good lab shrooms.

This was my first time ever trying shrooms, my friend Jerry had gotten across some guy who could get some really good lab shrooms..so i got 55 dollars from my mom and i decided to buy a fourth. I gave him the money scince he was the one who knew the guy and he told me he would get him for me the next day, i was so anxious, that night thats all i culd think about. i couldn't wait i thought it was going to be much like a weed high but before that i didnt know much about shrooms. When we finnaly got them it was a school day so i decided to skip, jerry dropped out of school, and didnt have any plans so i shared my shrooms with him. we took them early in the mornig, ill say about 9am, he said "watch youll start feeling them in about 45 minutes".I couldn't wait..
we sat down and he suggested to listed to some music but it was still too soon and we didnt feel anything weird..Then I remebered the new super Wal-Mart was opening today so out of curiosity to see how it looked like we decided to go.On The ride to wal mart it was kicking in. the first thing i noticed was the trees wre really vivid like a digital image with no flaws or anything it was a "perfect tree" then i looked up at the sky and i saw the clouds they were beutiful the were kind of in like layers, almost like thin paper cut outs stacked on top of each other. when we got to wal-mart i got out of the car and began to walk around i felt light headed and almost like a drunk feeling as we walked in to wal-mart me and jerry bagan to make jokes about everything and it all seemed to be halarious. we kept laughing at people and how ridiculous they looked. scince this was a school day and in the mornind their was nothing but old people all over the store everyone their looked 60 it was so funny. we then sat down on a bech inside the store and began to laugh hysterically at a bald guy who passed us by, im surprised we didnt get our ass kicked.
we left bacuse we knew people oviosly knew we were on some kind of drug by the way we were acting.
when we got home we began to laught at the stupiest shit on TV then we began to talk about society, and Politics and how they should legalize some thing so great as mushrooms. i saw no other visuals or tracers other than the clouds but it didnt matter it was a defenity great experience and one of the funniest. But then as i started to come down reality began to take form again i wanted nothing than to trip again, but at about 3 pm it wore off.. but not for long jerry owed me money from some time ago and we bought some more..
in conclusion i think i'll defenitly do shrooms again next time i want to do them with my girlfiend.

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