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Very fun 1st trip

First let me start with saying I am very ignorant to the whole wait system of mushrooms, nor do i posses any types of scales used to measure such things.

First let me start with saying I am very ignorant to the whole wait system of mushrooms, nor do i posses any types of scales used to measure such things. I basically just use common sense and guess and check. Well I mentioned in my recent posts that all my mushies are fat and mostly short except for one nice golf ball sized one. Anyway i ate all the mushrooms on my cake that equal to about 1 1/2 adult mushrooms. I started typing away at my computer while two of my people where playing Xbox right next to me. Each sour sensation in my stomach was a glorious spark of hope that i was going to feel the effects. in less than ten minutes i started feeling it. Certain impulsions to stretch my neck and jaw muscles, as i did i felt energized to do things. i tried to close my eyes to see if the Closed Eye Visuals were different but my eyes would not stay shut for long. I put on The Mars Volta and started dancing like anyone who is really engulfed in the rhythm and the message of the music, as the beat started picking up another person of mine came downstairs (he did not know i was shroomin) and started whillyn out with me. i tried to imitate something i saw during a rock concert and totally slipped and busted my ass, nothing but hysterical laughs filled the air as i was taking away by the magic of the mushrooms. Later i was watching my peoples play old Nintendo games, i started crying out in laughter after one of my people put on this horrible stupid gay game, i could not help it, later i played some super Mario and was hypnotized by the blue bricks in the underground level stating, "I never noticed how blue these fricken bricks were!!!". Through out the night i was making certain i had a good time. Impulses to make stupid funny comments as much as possible. we were watching south park when one of my people started doing impressions from the show making random comments such as, "OH YEAH YOUR GETTING MY JAGON HAAARD" and only hilarity ensued, as i laughed vivid patterned CEV's dotted my corneas. A few negatives were that i had a few mood swings when i became concerned with something and got crabby. near the end of the experience i lied in my bed and my mind flooded with chores and things i might have to do the next day, when i got my eyes to close the CEV's where totally different from the ones Ive seen, instead of patterns or flowing static it was like a glowing fluid with a solid color to it. the whole experience in retrospect was great but i was hoping to actually "trip" but at the time it wasn't appropriate. some small part of the high reminded me a little bit of marijuana, but just slightly. i don't see myself doing this again in the near future unless i have Enough to have a level 3 trip. Thanx 5Hr00/\/\3ry

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