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verrrryyyy strange

ok so i had smoked weed a few times prior to this.

ok so i had smoked weed a few times prior to this. i had a pretty bad day so i when i got home i smoked about two little bowls (maybe 6 hits). i wasnt feeling anything after the first bowl, which is why i smoked the second one. so anyway i was about to do laundry and i looked in my mirror to see if my eyes were red. well they were, but as i kept staring into them, the started changing shades of red (red with a white stripe in the middle, then pink, then whitish). this really drew me in and it seemed like i was staring in them for hours, but was probably only a minute or two. so i did my laundry, with a bit of a struggle, and on my way back in, i started talking to myself. i didnt think anything of it at the time, but it got worse. as i got into my room, i was not just talking, but yelling at myself (i dont remember what about). around the time that i kind of "woke up" from looking into the mirror, i had kept thinking that i did too much, and had regreted it, and this was going through my mind again. i needed something to take my mind off of the weed, so i went and wathced t.v. As i was watching, i looked up at the ceiling and noticed the texture on it was kind of swirling, and the wooden beams that go across it disappeared. i then looked over towards the stairs, and noticed that the ceiling that was supposed to be above me was over the stairs. this really freaked me out because i didnt want to be this far gone, i just wanted a sort of buzz, which leads me to my question: have any of you ever had any similar experiences with weed? thanks in advance

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