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Universal Knowledge

My friend was growing shrooms in his room, and one night I was over there and it was time to sample the goods.

My friend was growing shrooms in his room, and one night I was over there and it was time to sample the goods. I had never shroomed before so I was excited. P. cubensis was the fungus of choice. My friend picked 4 mushrooms for me, 3 small ones about 2 1/2 inches long with small caps, and 1 about the same length, but really fat with a huge cap. At 11:00 PM, with some trepidation, I shoved the fung guys into my mouth, chewed, and swallowed (Duh), and kicked back. At about 11:30, I my gaze was fixated on the blue lava lamp in the corner of the room, and later on the light it cast in the top corner of the room gradually mutated into a tree frog which I would not stop talking to in some strange tongue. This frog had a cache of knowledge that boggled the mind. When my conversation woke my friend's mom up, I was tossed out the front door (heh heh) and I lay on the ground communing with the earth for a few minutes. Then I realized I didn't want to wake up there the next morning, and I got on my bike and started peddling home. Luckily it was midnight in my small suburb of Sacramento and there wasn't traffic, because I was all over the road. I soon got a sense of someone following me, and whenever I looked back I could swear there were headlights just rounding the bend behind me, and I assumed it was cops so I hurried home. When I got home, I went up in my room and my dog, a Dalmatian, was lying on my bed. The blinds were up, so I could see my street from my 2nd story window. I sat down on my bed and put my hand on my dog's back and said "Well old friend, how's it going?" And I looked at him and wherever there was white on him, it was filled in with oscillating shapes and shapeless forms of color. We talked for awhile, until about 2:45. I would speak, like anyone normally would, but my dog communicated back to me in more of a telepathic way. Well maybe the word "empathic" is more appropiate, because there weren't words involved. I just "knew" what he was saying, like thoughts you think before your brain turns them into words and spits them out.

At that point, I looked out the window and saw the moon and thought, "What if I took the window and stretched it all the way to the moon? I bet it'll be mere molecules thin!" This got me onto a thought tangent about the universe and universal distances and I became so restless that I went back out on my bike and rode around some more. I came to a construction site where there was a side road blocked off by a mere plastic strip, held up on each end by flimsy stakes in the ground and I thought to myself, "And I bet some moron's gonna drive through here and avoid this street because there's a barrier here, even if all it is is tape!" I stopped right there and thought about barriers, both physical and otherwise, that people refuse to break, no matter how easily overcome, by virtue that it's a barrier, and it is not to be crossed. So I crossed that flimsy tape barrier, rode smack through it on my bike and was proud. I had broken a barrier. The construction are was going to be homes, and there was a stone wall surrounding the area. After my barrier fixation, I felt like I could knock down those stone walls, and I literally felt the power within me to do so, but I had proven my point to myself that night already, so I went back home. On the way, I saw a meteor...whether or not it was a hallucination I couldn't tell you. When I got home I went straight to bed and attempted to sleep, but I was hearing voices. Voices of my friends, but they weren't speaking words, it was pure nonsense. The different voices seemed to come from different points in my room, but the origin points of the voices were constantly moving about my room in a clockwise fashion, so that one minute a voice was by my closet door and another, it was by my TV. Then I noticed, right before my eyes, a mandala of alien heads (Like the one on the icon indicating an encounter with an entity on the pervious page...you know what i mean, with the big eyes) Arranged in a circle, changing colors and spinning around, they communicated with me. Then I fell asleep, and woke up the next morning hurting all throughout my body. I guess I fell on my bike and was so caught up in my trip that I didn't notice.

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