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Typing While Trippin

Me and a few of my friends dosed for the first time recently.

Me and a few of my friends dosed for the first time recently. I typed this while tripping.

If you got two of something, well shit

Hey Mac and me, who’s mac and me??

Put that guy back!

He looks like you! With big ears and shit.


(Jared comes across a cheap porn commercial)

She’s got big eyes!

No dude where’s that alien??

Jon: A talked to Mac once.

All: Jesus Christ hes back!

(Another cheap porn commercial is on)

Jared: Chunky! Getting chunky style!

Jared: Why are you so determined at doing shit?

Jordan: (At same time as previous) Why are you so determined at going in the other room?

Jordan: Biggs?? Biggs?

Jon: Do you remember that tarantula?

Biggs: Twenty minutes ago?

Jared: Shut up, now we missed Damon…

All: Zyban. Ziii-MAN!

Jon: (Reading fine print) Hot pocket goodness.

(Jon continues to go on about the commercials)


26 27 3 no 4

That deer just wanked at me?

(Writers note: is wanked a word)

Jared continues to go on with Jordan.

Jared: Dude, just shut up.

Whoa its a fat chink!


I a big fat egg-woll

Jared: Linda, you a bitch.

Jon: That is money.

Jordan: Money baby

Justin continues to type as he misses all the good shit

Jon goes on about her tits. Jordan and Jared can’t get over the "big fat egg-woll." Jon continues about commercials, while Biggs is in his own world.

All: It all leads to genital warts!

Did she just change into a man??

She’s incredible!

Jon: Is this still that genital warts shit?

Jon: Don’t bring Justin into this.

Jordan comments about crack. Jared goes on about pig feet. Miscellaneous comments continue about the movie "Friday."

Jared: Do you have Friday?

Justin stops typing. No one notices.

Jared: What happened to Sportscenter?

All: Elmo!

Justin is back. OK, I’m calm now. The end.

Hello, my name is Jerry. I’m happy.

New episode: Deep thoughts

Jared imitates somebody, I’m not sure who, but I think he was…

Oh my god, Mac and Me!

All he wants is a pepsi-cola.

Jon goes on about wheelchair.

Justin thinks about how he just talked to his mother only minutes ago.

Jared continues "Bitch" joke.

Jared: You a bitch!

I can’t type anymore.

Jon is talking about Freddy. I’m not looking. Someone just mentioned an eyeball.

And Mac and Me is back! Its insane!

Jordan: Mac and me is into tools!

Jared infers to Justin and Jordan and his own experience with the Triad. It was kinda scary. I’m gonna go into that shit now.

Jared: Justin, you thought nothing man! This is you! Nothing, man, nothing!

Jon starts getting into a Baseketball joke. Jared gets confused.

Jon attempts to leave room.

Jon: Its 3:38.

Jared: No, its 3:39!

Jared continues about Mac and me.

Jordan is confronted by Jared about getting root-beer getting poured on him.

Writer’s note: That was a delayed reaction.

Jared: I feel like the Sound of Music.

Jordan: Yea, like the 70s…

All: He’s back!

Jordan wigs out about his back hurting. Jon tries to wig him out.

Jordan continues to go on about his bad back.

Jared attempts conversation. Jared says something.

They all go on about how Jared looks like ugly people in movies.

Jared calls himself an "ugly mothafucka"

Jared: You calling me Splinter?

I don’t want to be a rat!

(Biggs moves. Wow!)

Jared starts feeling shit.

Jon is Rafael. Jordan isn’t a turtle, but he doesn’t have any idea what’s going on.

Then some other stuff happened, but the we blamed Biggs for everything.

Jon: He’s a Baked Potato.

I want my book!

OK, my heart’s back to racing. Jon is doing his "loner" thing again. Jordan wants to lock Jon in there.

Justin thinks to himself about the pool balls a couple weeks ago.

Jordan and Jared decide Jon is the devil.

Jon comments on how he was having fun looking at the pictures.

Everyone leaves the room. Its only me again. Last time it was only me I went fucking pyscho. But I don’t remember that much. Jordan and Jared say I came out of the mist. I don’t remember that. Jared says how I was some kind of God. It was kind of insulting, but I didn’t mind. This reminds me of this dream I had once where everything I thought was like blown up and thrown through my head. Even good emotions. They would be forced into my head so much that even good thoughts would hit my head like a hammer.

I gotta get a fan in here!

Fan boy is scared of opened doors, but he is looking for South Park on TV so he completely forgot about it.

Is he gone?

Biggs runs in room terrified.

Jon, please stop scaring my friends.

Jared just turned on a H2O commercial. He wigs all of us out.

Jared: Look, look!

All of us are huddled in a ball, scared as hell.

Jared and Jordan continue in room. Jon and Biggs talk about going in the other room.

Five minutes later, we’re all still in the same room. Then They complain about Jon being selfish.

Jordan and Jared: You selfish bastard!!

Wow, we’re all like ecstatic in how there is some unreal commercial on TV. Actually, I don’t mind. Its a nice change of pace. Actually just chilling, instead of wigging each other out.

What kind of friends do that?

Jordan mentions it, and I’ll title it this:


Ok, I really need to stop this shit now, but I can’t stop.

Jon flips the channel.

All (Except for Biggs): MAC AND ME!
Is he still alive? Someone better… never mind, I think I heard him laugh at something. The Jared goes on about the fan again.

This is getting me like really tired. I need to stop typing. OK, I’ll stop.

And that's all that I typed. Weird stuff, huh? From what I put together, we were watching this old movie, "Mac and Me." It has this little alien in it. I definitely recommend it.

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