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TV Freak Out

This is pretty strange, but its my experience.

This is pretty strange, but its my experience.

It all started with myself and a friend going mushroom picking, after an hour or so we had both filled our bags with around 150 magic mushrooms each. We took them back to his house, game them all a very good clean and stored them away for the weekend. (I am unsure of our magic mushrooms in UK, to others, but here is a link that shows a picture of the kind of mushrooms i had picked 150 off. http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/motm/psilocybin/mushroom.gif

The weekend arrives, its about 7pm, dark outside, we decide to take our shrooms in the house (we take them by swallowing a handful at a time, about 30 or so with some water, and keep doing this until there all consumed). After about 20 minutes i am starting to feel how i always have in the past, i have butterfly's in my stomach, and a general feeling of excitement and slight anxiety.

It gets stronger and stronger by the minute after this, colors & sounds are jumping out at me, its very very pleasant and i can see my friend just sitting back with a huge smile on his face. I at this point can no longer roll a joint, when i look down at my hands and try i just cant make them roll, I'm at the stage where you light up a cig only to realize you still have one burning in the ashtray next to you.

Anyway to cut a long story shorter, that was all pleasant and very enjoyable, until my friend decided to turn on the TV !! There i was lying on the road with paramedics all around me, family and friends all looking down at me on the roadside, i was dead, we both were dead, me and friend, we had overdosed on magic mushrooms, i was seeing myself on the TV, outside the house that we were in lying on the road dead with all the people i knew.

I must have been so messed up, cause my friend was asking what was up with me, and he started to tell me i was bad tripping, and that i was to start thinking of nice things, and i said "like what daffodils" lol

Seriously no joke me writing this cant explain how the above was for me, the true horror it was. So i had to go to his bed myself, and i kept telling myself think of nice things, 'daffodils ' ' daffodils ' . Then i would continue thinking of how we were both dead anyway, i started to say things in the room like ' e4 dad ' ' knight to c3' as i play chess with my dad, and because i was dead i wanted to know that i could still give him a game !.

I must not have even hit the all time worse yet, i went back through to my friend and told him i had to go home, he didn't want me to but i insisted, and the last thing he said to me was that i would be OK about 2am.

I left his house, and i started running towards my own home, i was in such a state that when i dropped my lighter, instead of picking it up i just kept running, i had to get home, it was about a 10 min run away.

I finally made it to my own home, i grabbed my duvet went to the living room, sat in the dark and watched the clock, it was about midnight, and i never took my eyes of that clock once, i was completely messed up.

The funny thing was, as soon as that clock showed 2am, i jumped out from how i was feeling, and i then just realized i had bad tripped majorly.

I went to sleep woke up about 10am, took a walk to my parents, but on the way there i noticed the sun, the trees, the birds singing so clear, things i wouldn't normally register so clearly as this, and i just felt very thankful that everything was all OK.

I had taken mushrooms several times before this, around the same dose, just something with the TV that night set me off, i have now seen the program that was the actual one that was on that evening, and there was a boy lying on the road, and people all around him, but for some reason that night, that boy was 100% me, the street he was lying on, the clothes i was wearing, my face etc, and all the people around him were peoples faces i knew, family or friends. It really really scared me.

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