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True Warnings

ive(roy) been doing shrooms for a few months now, every weekend id go to mih friend's howse(tim) and wed crash cuz his mom worked on business trips all weekend, so we'd pull out the martini makings and tonic and start our trips.

ive(roy) been doing shrooms for a few months now, every weekend id go to mih friend's howse(tim) and wed crash cuz his mom worked on business trips all weekend, so we'd pull out the martini makings and tonic and start our trips. Well, this one weekend, his girlfriend was over(kelly), with one of her friends(megan), and they wanted to try the shrooms. i luckily brought some extra (cuz i wuz gonna stay there for the weekend) with my sleeping bag and my laptop. so, we started, put them in tonic, made 4 martinis, and leveled out some shrooms, 1&1/2 grams each (im a light user). i put on some beatles records (we tried somthing different every week) and we started playing poker to pass the time. after 10 minutes, i was surprised that kelly was gettin tripped. (weakling) i was scared that i put too much, and then checked my bags. i had 10 grams when i came over, and i had 4 left. good. so, i go back, and kelly is staring at the lava lamp. tim is on his hands and klnees barking, and megan was still sober, but a little woozy. i was coming on too, and soon was under the spell of the shrooms. I remember changing the record over, and then going to play poker adain. i called trhem all over, and kelly brought the lavalamp, and i too was mezmorized. we just stared at it for a few hours (it seemed like hours) and then tim took it and said "you cant have it! its mine!" and we played again... but megan wanted somthing else. she wanted to play strip poker. so, i said "kool... lets play strip... polkah", kelly said "bawlbawl strip pok.beawl..er" and tim said "its mine! ou cant have it! nonono!!!" so us three left played, and i was winning (or they were losing?) and i stared at kelly as she took off her shirt, and i kept playing, and lost again, took off my shoes, megan lost, and took off her shirt? i forget... but next i remember i was sitting there and kelly was like "your turn roy" and i said ok... and showed a royal flush (wich meant everyone else lost) and spo they took off their clothes. this got me realllyreally frisky. i saw them staring eachother over, as like they were looking in a mirror, and then i saw them look into eachothers eyes, and they kissed, qand giggled, and kissed again, and then were involved in an all-out fuckfest. i was just staring, and staring, as tim was staring too. they looked like they were in a meadow, they were licking, and slurping and all, and tim said NO!!! NONONO!!! and ran upstairs. (if you wonder why it says " Bad, Scary, and unpleasant, you'll see...) so they were 69'n, and i went to meagan and preformed oral sex on her. thats when tim came down with his bb gun and shit me in the leg about 5 times! mi thought he was an archer and he flung arrows into my leg. i then took the lava lamop and flung it at him, and it broke and shattered on the banister. i thought it was a fireball, and it busted into a million peices. he screamed, and lunged at me.the girls were orgasming, and they wanted us. they were like "some on boys, lets shack!" and we immediatley stopped, brushed ourselves off, and walked over to greet them. me&tim striped, and we engaged in sexual activity with the girls, (me with meg, tim with kelly, respectively) for a few weeks (it seemed like weeks) and were all pooped out, and started to puit on our underwear, but then we slumped into a big heap on the floor with them only 1/2 on. when i awoke, i saw them next to me, i was bleeding, tim was bleeding too, and the girls were drenched in a deluge of bodily fluids of some sort. we were a mess, and all screamed when we saw eachother, then we saw the panties on me & tim and the boxors on kell and meg, and were like "OHMYGOWD!OHMYGAWD!OHMYGAWD! I CANT BELIVE I DID THAT!", remembering all that happened like a bad dream. i remembered throwing the lamp at tim, him with his big gash on his skull and the lamp all over the floor, and he remembers shooting me, me with the 5 holes and the blood all over my leg and the bbgun on the floor next to the shattered lamp. Kelly remembers losing first, megan remembers fuking me, and both the girls remember their lesbian 69. all this went through our heads in nanno-seconds, and we screamed "FUCKING T!!!!*&^$%&^*^&%$#^&*&^%$#()*&^$#%$^*^&^%#*&(*^* "and we all denyed it, but we all knew we were lying, and we all just accepted it. we knew we needed showers, and it was about 5 in the morning. the girls called their parents andi took a shower, as tim tended to his head. the girls were sooo angry and shit, even though they remembered that they instigated it. guilt took over, and they apologized to me and tim when i got out of the shower. they were still frisky, and they wanted a shroom-free fuck. but thats another story. tim was angry that he shot me, and we apologied to each other, me for throwing the lamp.

i submitted this to teach everyone the danger of shrooming. even though this is a 1:100 case, it still happens. be wise when shrooming....

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