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Trippin at the DMV

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This is my 2nd trip report i am posting the first 1 is called First Trip Blues and is about my first trip. This story took place a few months after my first trip and wasnt nearly as intense. I am labeling this trip a level 2. I have tons of tripped out storys and will post them all eventually.
I am 17 years old and the time came for me to go up to the department of motor vechicles. You see i needed my state id for a job that I was going for. So my mother told me to pick her up at her job and we would head to the dmv from there. I had purchased a 1/4 ounce of some amanita azure's two days prior. I woke up and jumped in the shower, got dressed and decided I was gonna take some mushrooms to start my day off. So I went into my stash and took three nice sized caps out. I put them in a dime jar and left my house. I stopped at the store and bought a snapple mango madness. I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus and decided I was gonna chomp down a mondo cap. I chewed it up and swallowed it down. The bus came within the next 5 min and I was on my way. On the bus I decided to take the remaining 2 caps and did. The bus ride was a 45 min ride and half way throught it I was hit. Everything was highlighted. I couldnt keep my eyes focused on anything for more then 1 minute. So I had to keep looking aeround. If I stopped looking around my vision would become impaired so i kept moving my head around and trying to control myself. I sipped so snapple and was noticing that everytime i took a sip i would feel a huge rush of euphoria. So i kept sipping the snapple. After I had finished my drink I was starting to feel really sick to my stomach. I knew I was gonna throw up but tried to hold it back seeing how the bus was crowded. Everything was looking strange and the people on the bus were begining to scare me. I had the strangest feeling that everyone was staring at me and everytime i looked at someone they would be staring directly at me. So after I xcaught this one guy staring at me I shouted WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT. Now everyone on the bus was staring at me and I could actually feel there thoughts. It was weird. I mean this one old lady was looking at me and I knew she was thinking what is a matter with this kid. And some kid was staring at me and I knew what he was thinking too. I felt like i was inside of there heads. And that is when the bus driver kicked me off the bus. So I left the bus. As soon as I left the bus I threw up. It made me feel better I made it to my moms job and that iswhen the other shrroms hit me. Whoa! My mom was introducing me to her friends and I was having a hard time trying to make eye contact. I was getting very paranoid and couldnt take my eyes off the yellow wall which looked like it was breathing with me. I was really enjoying this trip and was laughing uncontrolablly my mother was getting suspicious so I held it down and tried to act normal. We got in her car and headed to the dmv. The car ride over there was great I felt like I was floating. Looking in the rear view mirrors was bugging me out because my face would start to melt and was turning black. We made it to the dmv after what felt like a 4 hour ride.(it was about 15-20min) We waited on line for another 4 hours (20min) and when it came time to take my picture I had a visual. The dude behind the counter handed me aticket with a # on it when I looked down at the ticket the numbers looked like they were jumping out at me it was awesome. Up in the dmv i started tolaugh at this lady wearing a french cap. I couldnt stop laughing and when the ladie asked what was so funny I shouted YOU! and bursted out laughin 10 times harder! What a day it was for me. When I got home I ate some more but that is a completely different story and it is not a level 2! It was much much higher.

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