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Tripping in public

Ya so today I popped some shrooms for the first time, and man were they crazy.

Ya so today I popped some shrooms for the first time, and man were they crazy. First me and my bro and buddy vinh (vietnamesse) friend took a cab to our friends serin(cambodian ) friends place for the hook up. They were in a bag roughly 7 grams or so. Anyways there were allot of shrooms 2 go around. We popped 1 gram each and chilled for a bit and waited for our cab, we got sick of waiting and went out back and smoked a gram of premo weed. The cab came and as we got into our cab we decided to go play some pool at the starlite billards. We showed up there all pretty stoned. We got in and I order'd something to eat. We started playing pool and then it hit us.We all started tripping. Everyone around us were starring and making us feel wierd. Paranoid like from weed however 20 times stronger. My buddy ving wasn't looking so good and I approached him and ask if he was okay. Then out of no where he grabed my sleeve tightly as if he was falling and looked me in the eye and said man I got to get the hell out of here. He was going crazy and so was my bro. After this happened they started making me and my buddy serin feel wierd. Chicks beside out table started giggling and starring hard. So I called a cab and sent my buddy vinh and bro home as they could'nt take it. I started feeling as if everything around me was all fake like I control my surroundings. I started thinking of what if I get a bad trip and then realized that it's just the effects of shrooms. After studying the effects and trip reports I calmly said to my self everything is okay. I played some bob marley and 2pac thugz mansion on the juit box there. It was awsome eurphoria we got. After that we drove to the casino and thats when the peek hit. The casino was wicked as it looked like a tropical island. There was jiant water falls and a huge fish take with lots of beautiful fishes. The tank was in a dome and we could walk under it. Man was that crazy. How beautiful the water and all it's fish were. Exotic fish and sharks as well. Small sharks that is. After that we drove downtown to a resturant and ate. That was a wierd trip as well. Overall the shrooms were worth it. However a word of caution. Do not take shrooms when u r feeling down. And remember u control your space and atmosphere or enviroment. Understand your safe and lay back and have fun.

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