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trippin with the Mayor!

ok now im a pot head for real.

ok now im a pot head for real.. i love weed. and i had never tried shrooms. but me and my friend decided to sell some for the hell of it for a day, and still are to this day... but anyways so we got fronted 2 ounces of shrooms and an ounce of weed.. so we decided that we will eat some for free and then go sell some.. BAD IDEA! this being only out 2 and 3rd time doing this we ate a little to much. we both ate about an 1/8 oz, so a 1/4 all together.. and about 1/2 hour later i was trippin my ass off. we are in a ratty ass truck driving down the road and my heart is going a million miles an hour.. im parinoied like crazy.. and it seems like there is sooo much going on all at once.. it was nuts.. so we get to my friends grandparents house where he lives and we had the goodies hidden in a golf bag in the back of his truck.. well as soon as we get there 1/2 of his family if over and we have to stay and try and talk to them.. but there is no sence of reality what so ever. then his grandfather who is also the mayor of the town grabs the golf bag to take inside.. we started filpping.. i was like " man we NEED to leave.. the damn mayor of Br*n*w*c*k is holding like 400 dollars worth of drugs right now.. and dosent even know it.. and 2 of the family members are police officers.. and 1 has his uniform still on.. so we decided to make a run for it to the truck after we grab the golf bag.. so infront of everyone we just get up and run for it and grab the golf bad the mayor had just left by the door and on the way out the door my friend trips on the step and falls on his face in the front year infront of everyone.. he gives the bag to me and i start running to the truck and everyone is jsut stopped and they were all lookin right at us. so we tried to play it off but it wasnt possible and we just drove off and tripped for the next few hours.. but i dont think i have ever been as scared as when i saw the Mayor take off with over $400 of my drugs.. in his golf bag! never will i hide them in a retarded stop again

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