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trippin on chocolates

one night i bought me a good ass chocolate shroom it tasted great like a hersheys chocolate bar.

one night i bought me a good ass chocolate shroom it tasted great like a hersheys chocolate bar. It was about an hour after i took it then i started to fell a little light headed. I could fell it working i honestly didnt think i took enough to see shit but i was wrong. I layed down on my bed and was watching TV when all of a sudden my celling started to wave like a layer of paint over the ocean it was so cool.then i walked past my wall and it started breathing that was really cool. Then after looking at that a while i got up that was about the time i started laughing. But it was no ordinary laugh it was the kind like bevis and butthead. Then i walked around my room a while every thing was like the most fasinating thing ive ever seen. After that i walked into the hallway and everybody else in the house was asleep. I was tring to be quiet and did good except for the laughing part. The carpet looked like snow. Then i started to make shadows on the wall with my hands. Then all of a sudden the shadow on the wall started growing spikes out of the arms and it started transforming into a monster or somthing. So i freaked out and run back in my room and looked in the mirror to see if i was ok. I was but i looked different wierd. Then i when back in the hallway and picked up a toy robot and started hugging and petting it that was really wierd. well i dont remember much after that just a wierd shadow run accross my wall then i went to bed. When i wokeup in the morning the robot was in my other room in the floor faceing the door.

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