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Trip down memory lane

One Evening I was planning on attending a concert with a couple of my friends.

One Evening I was planning on attending a concert with a couple of my friends. We were hanging out before the show, and one of my friends pulled out a couple of bags of mushrooms. I convinced my friend that we should eat them for the show. I had only taking mushrooms twice before, and both times they were in fairly small doses. I ate a couple of large caps, not realizing really how much I ate. I went to the show and about an hour in I started to fell very heavy, and I couldn't get a very large smile off of my face. All of a sudden a flood of memories from my childhood overcame me and I couldn't stop thinking about them. The trip down memory lane was easily overcome by the lights at the show. During set break we went back to my friends house I couldn't stop looking at my fingers as I moved them back and forth. At my friends house I was sitting on a couch when I decided I needed to go to the bathroom when I stood up to go I noticed the floor was moving back and forth almost like the ocean. I felt a little off balance and was unable to make it to the bathroom. We went back to the show, where I decided I would go to the bathroom in the bathroom the wall appeared to have little colorful dots that were swirling. When I returned to the show I couldn't stop dancing the music was sounded so good, and I never wanted them to stop playing. I thought that this was the happiest moment of my life (it really wasn't it was just the mushrooms) as the show ended we walked back to my dorm with two of my friends, and I kept rambling on about the universe, and how you supress your true emotions everyday, and you hardly ever let them show. i then told them that I had used my brain for the first time, I said that I had never started thinking until that night. The trip was awesome and I layed awake in my bed until the sun rose thinking about everything in my life. Mushrooms are intense and you need to be pretty mentally sound. You have to respect them and use them wisely because everything in your life that you might be trying to supress will emerge in a overwhelming flood of intense thoughts.

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