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Trippin at Six Flags

this takes place about seven years ago in the summer time at six flags over texas.

this takes place about seven years ago in the summer time at six flags over texas. (and some background)

it all started one month prior when my friend finally hooked up with some shroomes. (he sold all he had and i called just in time to get what what he had left about a quarter.)

the bag consisted of mostly dust and the rest was small stems and small caps only a few medium sized. but that did not bother me i had never tried them before and eagerly awaited the chance to expiernce them.... (or since,they are very hard to find)

the day i hooked up i tried some... i wanted to save the lionshare of them for my trip (and i do mean TRIP) to texas and some for my birthday....

so anyway that day i hooked up i ate some just to try them. as i put them in my mouth i crunched and noticed that there was a sharp consistentcy, so i looked closer and some of the caps i noticed that there were some cristals on some of them. (i never heard of that before)

so i ate some... not much or enough to trip hard nor did i want to at that time. it was not even half of hour later (smoked some bud earlier i am quite sure ) i felt a pretty strong body high, my and my friend were thowing fresbee and i looked up at the sunsetting sky and noticed that the whole sky and turned a pinkish red . i told my friend he only laughed, i though it was pretty cool. later that night we went out for some drinks. we smoked some bud and drank and smoked all night before we headed to the strip club i ate about the same amount of shrooms befor we headed out about the same as i had eaten prior. at the strip club i was all mested up looking around a bit dazed at all the bright colors. i recall i also took a darvasett before i went in also. anyway i felt like i was the only one in the place not really paying any attnetion to the girls i was mostly looking at my beer on the table as the green, red, blue, and yellow spot lights lit it up in a sequence one in front, left side, right side, the the back... over and over.....it was pretty fun but i do not remember much else of that night.....

so i stashed some bud and some shroomes in my suitcase gettin ready for the morning we were to head to six flags. that morning we stayed a hotel close to the park, i remember there was a sweet ass new age type foundtain in front of the hotel of running water some large parmid with a walkway underneith it. so i waited for my friend (who did not somoke bud of drink) to take a shower and i jeted out to the balcany to light up my joint. about half way threw i heard something at the door, half high i jammed to the door and looked out .. it was only the maid. i opened the door and told her (as i was holding my breath) told her to get lost (or something like that) then went back outside and exhaled. and finished my joint. when he got out of the shower he did not notice anything so i was happy about that.

so we headed out and i definaly wanted to check out the foundain across the street (anxiously awaiting almost stalling the time i was going to eat the shrooms) we headed out to the park and we stopped a burger joint for some breakfast.... a quater pounder and a coke. i ate half of my sandwich and saved the rest for when i was going to the restroom to eat with my larger consumsion of shrooms..... i was ready to trip so i went in to the restroom and ate . afterwards we waited in line for a season pass then we finally entered the park. and dediced to wait in line for one of the new rides that year, a flight simulator type ride with a big huge screen. i didnt know that it was cutting edge tech one of the only ones in world at the time. in line (they) were starting to kick in and with a bang this time. i though that everyone was looking at me and i was very ready to get through the line to sit down. and my body seemed to be begining to seperate from my brain or ...something like that.

so we walked in to take our seat....all the time hopeing that my friend would not notice i was tripping.

>>>so here it is forget the rest of the report.... as i was going to sit down in the the seat i noticed that it was a seat for two complete with hydralics on the front back and sides. (which my friend already informed me of...he keeps up with amusment park shit) as i sat down it was a bit surreal buckled in like i was in a roller coaster of a jet plane or sumthing like that. it started off with mission command saying something like houstin we are set for take off (the shrooms were still begining to take effect and were getting stronger and stronger it seemed every second i was sitting in this ride.) the ride started to gyrate back and forth and side to side, and on the screen in front of us was a vertical look up as a rocket was set take off. i remember glancing over at my bro thinking that we were realy set to go to the moon. ten, nine, eight and so on as we got closser to zero the seat was shaking more and more violently and it became more and more realalistic. take off was like an organsim we launched in the air with great speed and with much anticipation flying closer and closer to the moon as the screen deplicted. flying through the outerspace by stars and metors and shit like that it seemed like i was really shooting through the air physically and mentaly. then as we approched the moon i had to keep asking myself am i really flying through space? am i really on a ship? am i really on the Moon? the only way to get back to semireality was to take my eyes off the screen in front of me. i would glance around the large room like autotorium and check out how all the other seats were moving back and forth like ours....but that was not as fun looking at the screen and flying through the air.

we finally landed on the moon and i think (i though i was really on the moon)or at least somewhere .. then i think we changed our position to being placed on a F16 jet speeding through the air at unreal speed i hear the radio say captin permission to go Mock 5 this was the best part of the ride speeding through the clouds shakeing and moving faster and faster gaining speed to a climax of a type of sonic boom then BAMM!!! the radio says we have hit Mock 5 at that point i was way out of it like i had done a wall hit or something. i wasnt quite sure when the ride or trip was over if i could even get up or walk around it was like i was permitally stuck to the seat in a dream like state.

after that i went on some coasters and had a blast. but nothing like the flight simulator ride very very awesome!!!!

by the way if anyone has anything extra (bud, shrooms etc.) or comments email me at shortdoginthehouse@yahoo.com >
i plan on writing a much better trip report next...

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