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Top a Hill

My fist time tripping was this past summer.

My fist time tripping was this past summer. I had ran away from home for about 5 weeks (but thats a different story in itself). We were on top of this giant hill that was surrounded by a bunch of play ground equipment and an elementary school. i ate the shrooms with a piece of chocolate and within 15 or 20 minutes i really just started to feel good. I've heard that shrooms enhance your feelings a lot, so if you felt bad before them they enhance that or if you felt good its likewise. im not sure if its true or not but i must have felt amazing that day because although i didn't really 'see' anything i had an incredibly hightened sense of the world i was participating in. Thoughts just kept coming to me and i couldn't help but share them with the people that were around me at the time. When i looked up the clouds were ripping at each other and then it looked as if the world was inside of a giant cotton box. later on it turns out that i could just see doubles of the clouds and that the edges came more to a point rather than rounded off like clouds usually do. really the shrooms just wiped out the wall between my subconcious and my concious so all of the stuff that my subconcious was holding just completely flooded my concious mind and i couldn't stop thinking for the entire trip. i went to a local corner store (DQ! WOOT!)and the cieling felt really low to the ground and all of the colors were so bright. I also bought a whole box of gushers, cause i felt like having a whole box, cause you never get a whole box to do whatever you please ya know, you usually only get 1 package. but a whole box of gushers was amazing. thats about the extent of it.

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