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Too Many or Just Enough?

The first and only time I ate magic mushrooms is a memory I will always have.

The first and only time I ate magic mushrooms is a memory I will always have.

It started when I pulled to the side of the country dirt road about a quarter mile from my sisters house.. I was living one state south of my sister at the time where fire works were easy to get. Since I was going to visit her I bought a bunch(no it was not the fourth of july) to shoot off with my nephews.

My sister was not really expecting me to come that night, and I brought 2 friends with me on the visit. About half way to her house we had come up with the plan to sneak up on my sisters farm house and let off fireworks in her front yard, and it sounded funny. (*note - our arrival was 12am MIDNIGHT) So, here we were...creeping up on my sisters house - each with a large bag of fire works. We each posted up on a corner of the house. The plan was that I would light a single bottle rocket and that would be the signal for everyone to let loose all we had.

I touched my cigarette to the fuse - ZOOOM - BOOOM and the world began to explose into brilliant colors and explosions that rocked the silent country night.

The front door opens and 2 of us aim roman candles at my sisters husband as he looks out with a bewildered face. He screams and runs back in the house - we charge and throw a pack of fire crackers after him.

After the smoke clears I find everone panic stricken and crazy looking. They are all shaking and suddenly my sister realized it was ME and says "awww man, its you - we are tripping man!" LOL.....come to find out they had eaten mushrooms and were PEAKING when we assaulted the house. Oh man what a rush that must have been.

So after everything calms down some, my cousin gives me a baggie and tells me to eat them. It was my first time so I asked "how many?" He said "ALL OF THEM". The bag contained almost a quarter ounce of shrooms...not knowing anything I ate them on a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich to kill the taste.

I could go on and on about what happened during my trip....the little details, but I wont...Ill fast forward about 3 hours...maybe 4.

I had gone to the bathroom to pee....but couldnt. So...I stand there holding my weener trying to go, and I realized my sister had a lot of things from other peoples houses in the bathroom. A picture from my Grandparents bathroom....a nick nack from Dads, an angel from my moms bathroom etc. So I check that out and trip on the fact that she has these things in her bathroom until I thing that I must be in ONE of THOSE bathrooms...I thought I had now gotten into my Dad or mom or grandparents bathroom. It freaked me out....i thought "maybe I died and my body is still at my sisters house in the living room, but my soul is in my relatives bathroom". Yes I know that was a wierd thought but hey - I was trippin right?
Ok so...then I notice there is 2 doors to the bathroom. I suddenly became afraid that if I chose the wrong door - i would be in the wrong reality and wouldn't be able to find my body again......so I took a chance and opened one of the doors.

I came out into the familiar hallway running to the living room in my sisters house....only one problem. When I went in the bathroom the house had been full of people. When I came out - empty. "OH NO!" I thought. "Wrong Reality - Im stuck".

Turns out everyone had gone outside to the back yard to trip. To me I was alone in another reality with no chance of escape for eternity.

Eventually people came in and reassured me I was ok and led me outside but WOW...how scary that was at first.

The night wore on...trippin until about 10am the next day. Really crazy at times but overall it was fun.
I know I was a part of the universe some how that day...just dont know how to explain it.

Hope you liked the story.

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