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Third Trip

It was my third shroom trip during last october (2005).

It was my third shroom trip during last october (2005). Me and my friend had it planned out for about a week to do them again before a party because we did it the week before. Knowing that shrooms were not a party drug we still did them anyway. My bud picked up about 7g's for the 2 of us, they were BC bomb ass shrooms blue and whities. I went over to his house and we left to go to a park to weigh them out on his scale and then munch them. We ate about 2.5g's each then and it was my first time that i got an almost immediate response from them. My previous trips happened within 30mins to 1 hour after consuming. I was already starting get that shroom feeling about 5 minutes after. Between that 5 minutes me and my friend smoke about a g of weed as well. We then left the park as i was already begining to trip not to full intensity yet. We walked to back to his house to pick up our sweat shirts because it was getting chilly outside. So as we walked back we saw his parents and it sketched me completely out because I didn't want to get caught by his parents. I had to refrain myself from laughing. We then walked down the street after we got our sweats shirts to the party. It was a small party but never the less still a party.

When I got inside i was close almost startin to actual trip. This was about 30 mins later. One of my friends at the party said, "Hey man your pupils are huge". I then acknowledge him in sat down kind of disoriented. I was tripping out to music and stuff I can't even remeber what was happening at this point. Then my and my original friend I did shrooms with went down to the kitchen. We made a shroom tea and drank it and ate the left over shrooms. It was about another g each. I was trippin pretty hard after about 10 minutes. I sat down outside and drank the tea and smoked some bowls. I then looked up at the tree and I then knew i was completely within the shroom flow as the leaves were swaying back and forth softly and carefully. They leaves also looked like plastic and had soo much texture in them. I could see ver vein in the leaf. People then started to come outside this is when things kinda went bad. People invaded my nice turf where I was trippin out with my friend. So we jump down off the deck outside and sat on these lawn chairs across the property. Not too far but enough that we hadout own space. I then felt comfortable again and just looked up at the stars and the trees and started to trip out. I compeltely bonded with nature and let my soul interact with the universe around me. After about 30 mins of completely tripping out, outside. Me and my friend went back in.

My and my friend stayed kinda close within the room so we could trip out together. Then music started to play. I looked at the curtains not far across the room from where I was sitting. The pattern on the curtain looked really cool and they circles in it begain to expand and compress with the music. Not only with the beat but it had the shroom flow to it. Almost like the curtain could have been playing the music (one of the unexplainable things). My friend that had stated my pupil were large started to play the guitar. Things then went insane. I could see the sound wave vibrations coming through the air off the guitar. They were the color purple. It was awesome and my ears were very pleased by the music no matter what is sounded like.

After that minor things happened I stared at the curtains for a very long time. And just noticed the detail in everything. Things like the bed sheets were forming patterns, shapes and sometime reconizable figures. I can't remeber the rest. Just staying up the whole night because everyone was awak from doing blow. O ya the downer on the shrooms was bad. I felt so down coming off of them for about an hour. Till the next trip this weekend, thanks for reading.

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