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third trip

Well this was my third trip on mushrooms.

Well this was my third trip on mushrooms.I live in a small town where getting anything but alcohol,weed,or if you're really whacked,cocaine.

The shrooms we took this trip were the left overs from the night before.We got the shrooms from a friend who had returned from visiting one of our buddies who moved to B.C.He decided to pick up a BIG bag of "mush" and we persuaded him to sell us some.Up where I live it normally costs $20 bucks for a small gram of shrooms,but because he is sort of a dumbass and does n't know how big a gram of shrooms really is he was goining to give us at least four times that amount,and with proprly applied peer pressure even more.We took them that night and had more left over for the next day.

The next day we decided we wanted to trip again so my cousin bought another gram and gave me his left overs.After consuming them in the afternoon(I dosed half an hour before him)we went for a trip to uptown.

I began to feel a strange feeling in my stomache(kind of like the butterflies/stage fright thing)just before passing by a guy whom I had vowed to fight because he was trying to fight my brother.I had to abort the mission because I was starting to feel too screwed up and even though he could barely throw a punch let alone hit me,I might have gotten a good licken because of my altred state.

We eventually made it to the store and my cousin bought some munchies while i just sood in front of the magazine rack getting inceasingly more fucked up.I began to feel like i was drunk on pills yet i could think clearer than normal.I began to trip out on trying to figure out how the trip felt like acid and how it didn't and what aspects of other drugs seem to fit in the equation.While me and my cousin walked back to his place I tried to explain how it was like taking every other drug i've ever taken but suddenly though I wanted to talk I couldn't think of anything to say and we walked on in what seemed to be unending uncomfortable silence.Tus began the beginning of a bad trip.When we reached his house and hung out downstairs things really got interesting.Apparently when he diveded up the mushrooms he took all the big peices(caps,big stems)amd I got most of the stuff at the bottom of the bag(dust,small stems)He says I got more but its his own dawm fault since he's the one who divided them.Anyway we sat in uncomfortable silence listening to the doors as he grew to look increasingly pissed off because he was feeling nothing while I continued tom get more and more fucked up.I looked at a folded up comforter and it appeared to be expanding(like when you cumple paper and it uncrumples a bit)yet it wasn't at the same time,very weird.The stereo was playing Break on thru(the ultimate trip song)and it[the stereo]seemed extrordinarily huge like when you stand close to a sky skraper and look up.Yet,it was a very small stereo.It also seemed to be growing,plus the song seemed liked it was coming from down a long tunnel and sounded so huge!When I looked at the walls their three dimentionality looked wrong and ugly like some thing picasso would paint.After picking up my cousins death row greatest hits cd booklet my attenton was drawn to a painting of the deathrow "crew"which looked like it was one of those mad fold up things(It wasn't)I noticed other things too,like a head didn't look like it didn,t belong to some ones body,or an arm on someone looked like it didn't belong on their body and was added later.I stared at this picture for what must have been an hour in the same position.It was like I was witnessing what was the most intreaging picture ever painted.It like what William Blake said"once the doors of perception are cleansed man will see things as they truly are,infinate".This one pictured proved that it is possible to see the world in a grain of salt and that reality is merely what we think.

A little while later,a guy who is renting a room at my cousins house came into my cousins room and talked to us for a bit.He asked me a few questions regarding buisness cards he was having made up(colours,etc.)and I couldn't form an opinion let alone make myself form the words with my mouth.It was as if I was so shy as not to be able to talk even amoung people I hang out with everyday.

Eventually my cousin rounded up some money and we left to go to the local video place.on the way upstairs my legs began to have incredibly painful muscle spasms as if i'd severly pulled every muscle in my leg simultaneously.Eventually it calmed down so I could walk(I actually had fallen over)and we went to get our coats.The upstairs looked as though there was afire it looked so foggy/smoky I could barely see upstairs while no one else saw anything.Putting on my shoes and getting my jacket was extrermly hard because I kept on forgetting how to do it(the whole process)but I eventually did it and we left.

During the course of our journy Ithought the pavement looked like it was coming out at me an that I could see how round the earth was.We crossed the road well ahead of an oncoming truck and while it was far away I thought it would

hit us so I ran like a stupid looking fool.

Anyway the trip had its good points and its bad points but Iif faced with the chance of mushroons again I'll probably do it again.

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