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trippin at 108

i have only done shrooms a few times but a couple days ago i decided to do some with my buddy before we went to club 108.

i have only done shrooms a few times but a couple days ago i decided to do some with my buddy before we went to club 108. We only munched about a gram each because neither of us wanted to get too bad. So we ate them in the car on the way there. The line up was really long and i was wondering when the shrooms were going to hit me and how good they were going to be. I had a couple smoke and started getting really impatient but i didn't feel high yet. When i got inside all i could think of was i wanted to smoke the doobie i had rolled up in my sock. We were walking around looking for a good place to blaze when my buddy said he was feeling sick. My stomach felt really weird too but i had read about that on this web site. I told him don't worry he'd feel great in no time. We went on the dance floor and sparked up that spliff. After that i felt a little light headed but i couldn't tell if it was from the weed or the shrooms. i grabbed a couple of glow sticks and started dancing like mad. i was mesmorized by the patterns and trails i was making with them. As the music got louder i could feel my ear lobes tingling and it sounded like a bunch of tiny bugs flying around my ears. The buzz was hittin pretty good. every once and a while the music would sound like it was in slow motion and all the people were moving really slow and when i looked at someone their face frooze and it would zoom in really close to me like a frame by frame replay. i couldn't stop moving and i was pourning sweat. When i got tired i would just walk around the club smoking. We left pretty early because we all had to work early the next day. The ride home was so foggy we could hardly see 2 feet in front of us. My glow sticks seemed to light up the whole car. we pulled over at a subway i went to the washroom to see how big my pupils were but there was no mirror. i started to take a piss and i was swaying back and forth because i couldn't feel the ground under my feet. When i finally got home i decided i had to go to bed so i brushed my teeth and it seemed to take so long. i started thinking that i haven't gotten a good buzz like this in a while. i looked in the mirror and my pupils were pretty dilated. i started laughing. i layed down in bed and i couldn't fall asleep. I just stared at the ceiling i looked at my alarm clock. the red digits were so bright that when i looked away all i could see was red. it started to freak me out so i closed my eyes and i started seeing red green and blue dots behind my eyelids and they started making patterns like figure eights spirals and zig zags. i started thinking about things that were going on in my life and i could picture them so clearly that i thought they were really happening and i was thinking of like 3 different things at a time and they all just overlapped each other. When i finally started to feel normal again i was so tired i just fell asleep and woke up tired with a story to tell my coworkers. Next time i wanna trip at a level 3 so i'll probably munch about 2 grams. When i do it i'll send you the trip report titled trippin at level 3

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