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third times the charm

i think to properly explain this expierience i must first tell a bit of the back story: while at college, my freind brian found some guys who had access to shrooms.

i think to properly explain this expierience i must first tell a bit of the back story: while at college, my freind brian found some guys who had access to shrooms. he tried them out one weekend, and must have had a decent time, because the next time we visited him, we decided to trip. it was me, my friend brian, and my friend erik. this would be the first time for both erik and i, and brians second. we split 2/8ths between the 3 of us. we had heard that drinking orange juice was a good way to increase the visual aspects of the trip, so we walked about 10 minutes to the local convienience store and bought a half gallon of orange juice, which we then drank on the way back to the dorms. at this point, around 45 minutes after ingestion, i could kind of tell that something was going on. we decided to go down to the rec room and shoot some pool. while we were down there, the first effects of the shrooms started to come on. everything was much funnier and i was getting easily distracted. probablly an hour and a half into, i got my first visuals, and it was amazing. we sent the next 5 or 6 hours wondering around the campus smoking ciggarettes or in a dorm room checking out the awsome effects of a popcorn ceiling and listening to music, wether it was actually playing or not. we were probablly all somewhere around a level 3 trip. finally around 1 am, after about 6 hours of time, our trips ended. erik and i decided that brian school was boring, and so we split another 1/8th between the 2 of us. this trip came on much faster, about 20 minutes after ingestion, but was much more mild, we never got passed a level 2 trip.

now comes my third time doing shrooms. erik and i are back visiting brian, and we decided that we'll buy an ounce. around 10.30 we eat 3/8ths between us and save the rest. brian eats about an 1/8th, and gives some 'chocolates' that had about an 1/8th to two of his friends, larry and john. this time we were better prepared and we already had our orange juice. i think i may have drank half a gallon while eating my share of the 3/8ths (i was taking my time and it probablly took me over a half hour, i really really dislike the taste of mushrooms, which sucks because i like tripping a whole lot). we had decided on this ammount because i wanted to expirience trails/tracers and aenesthisia (i think that's the right word; tasting colours and hearing shapes and stuff). unfortunately i didn't get what i wanted. after probablly another 30 minutes after i finished, i started to trip. nothing i was not expecting was happening, and i progressed rapidly from level 1 to 2. music was really amazing. then i started tripping really hard. the room we were in kept morphing into a sphere and then back into a cube. the carpet was basically a river, as was the ceiling. i started having a great deal of trouble comprehending what was going on around me. i knew where i was, and what was happening, and i was still able to think rationally, but when people would say things it took me a really long time to process what they meant. around this time, things started to turn sour. brians trip started to go bad. we were all sitting around in larry's room. larry tried to get up to go use the bathroom and brian yelled at him to sit back down, so he did. then, when brian had his back turned, larry snuck out of the room. i don't know what time it actually was but i would guess around 1 or 1.30. larry's disapereance troubled brian greatly. he kept asking where larry was, and we told him larry was in the bathroom. after about half an hour, larry had still not returned. brian suddenly hopped up out of the bed he was lying in, put on his coat and ran out the door. erik and john and a 1 of the sober people who was with us ran after him, but i was still tripping really hard, so i stayed. i ended up leaving larry's room and going to brians room, because there weren't any people in brians room. i think this is where i peaked, because i remeber looking at the clock, seeing it read 2.07, then lying down for what seemed like a really long time, looking at the clock again, and it still saying 2.07, lying back down for another long time, and then looking at the clock and watching it change from 2.06 to 2.07. finally though, we got everything under control, we found brian and found out where larry was, and we were all just chilling in larry's room (without him though). some one decided we should go smoke some pot before we went to bed, so at around 4 in the morning we did. it was only a gram, split between 5 people. i smoked twice as much as every one else (since it was my pot), and then we went inside. i layed down to go to sleep, in larry's room, as did erik, and everyone else left. and then things got wierd.

even before we smoked the pot, i had been expieriencing uncanny feelings of de ja vu (sp?) to the point where i was feeling like the things that were going on weren't actually happening then, but where in fact a memory i was having. then, when i layed down to try to sleep, something else happened. some how, my mind got stuck in a loop. you know that split second when right after you wake up from a dream, when your mind is completely blank? well, what if the next thing you did was remeber, not your dream, but everything that ever happened to you, including that split second of nothingness. i would think the thought, and it would make me laugh because it was cool, but in the slpit second of nothing i would forget why i was laughing. then i would remeber it all over again, laugh, and forget. i also had the spins. i kept sitting up, looking at erik, and laughing. since he was trying to sleep, this was quite annoying to him, so every time i did it he would say something to the effect of 'what are you laughing at' or 'what the fuck's so funny?'. the thing is, i had no idea that i was awake. to me, the sitting up, laughing, and erik talking were all part of a memory i was having over and over again (even though he would say differen things). this kept on for probablly an hour, until erik got worried about me and got john and brian, who were both done tripping. they shone a flash light in my eyes, then a laser pointer, and then they tried slapping me in the face. the thing is, i remeber all of this. but at the time, i was completely disconnected from reality. evreything that i was really expieriencing felt like a memory. i started to think that i might be stuck in that loop forever (and it really was a loop. basically it went like this - hey what if i remebered everythingthateverhappenedtome wouldntthatbe*laugh**notinhgness**repeat*). then i started to think that maybe i was stuck in the loop. and maybe i had always been stuck in the loop. i started to think of my existence as lying in that bed remebering everything that had happened in my life. i became almost solopstic. since i couldn't mark the passage of time, i felt like the whole process was happening instantly. and becaue it was happeneing instantly, and it was a repeating thought, then i would be stuck there forever, and yet no time would ever pass. i felt like i had had the perfect thought, and that the world was now over, and all that was left was me having this thought, and no one else was conscience. it was amazing, but after some period of time, i fell asleep. the next morning when they told me what had happened, i startled all of them by remebering it, even remembering what they had said. i was fully conscience. and yet i was not present in that reality.

this was one of the most amazing expierinces of my life. i have not done shrooms since then, although i do plan on it. however, this time, there will be no smoking of pot, and no one will be allowed to have a bad trip (like we can control that lol). if you read this whole thing, i am very impressed.

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