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the supposed coyote emancipation!

This is my third time writing this trip report.

This is my third time writing this trip report.The other two times I was stoned, and I just xed out of the internet when I finished... This all happened a few months ago now, and I don't know if I'll be able to recall all the elements clearly or at all. It was a wednesday night. the weekend before my friend and I had shared some shrooms, for what would be our first time. we also smoked a shitload of weed, which almost dulled that experience... I think. Anyways, on that night nothing special really happened because I hadn't had very much. I was frustrated by the results, especially since my friend had gotten really good effects. So its a few days after... wednesday I think. I just finished up all my homework( I'm a senior in Banff, Alberta) and I wasn't content with simply sitting around and talking. so I ran up into my kitchen and grabbed my bag of shrooms, and then proceeded to the bathroom where I picked out 2 caps, 2 stems and a bit of shake. I went back down to my computer and talked with my friends on MSN for a while, until I noticed that the pictures all over the walls down here were kind of floating in the wall, in a cyclic pattern. I got excited and decided I wanted to smoke up. I looked for my lighter in my stash box, but I couldn't find it. I grabbed some money, my CD player and my coat. I started downtown listening to my Buddha bar cd. usually I get tired of it quick, cause its a little tacky, but I really got into it that night, and I was wandering around in retarded ecstasy. i wandered down to the admin grounds, and meandered around there for a while. there is a big field and some pretty cool paths to walk on there, plus an old castley looking building. I looked at the mountains juxtaposing with the sky, which seemed a little bit purple, and was full of beautiful twinkling multicoloured stars. I walked down to the bridge ( it goes to the main downtown area, and its right below the admin grounds) and walked around there for a while. I walked around on some backstreets just thinking about how good life is. I felt silly for ever getting depressed or unhappy or selfish because my life is relatively painless and pretty easy. I did a couple cartwheels and squealed like a little baby at the pure joy of fluid movement. I finally reached my destination: SAFEWAY!!! and I slowly entered. The Safeway had undergone some major renovations since the last time I had been in it, so everything was kind of different, and some stuff was in different places. I roamed the aisles liek a ghost searching for something I really wanted, and found a big bottle of nestea. I found myself a lighter and payed for it with a twenty. I put all of my change into the abused children fund. I left the safeway and wandered over to my High school, which is also under heavy renovation ( we even had to be relocated to the banff centre).I walked through the field, and some dudes were smoking up. For a moment I wanted to say high, see if I could get a couple hits or something, but then I felt like I didn't really need it, and I didn't want to impose.. I walked up to my old school and looked at its gutted corpse. I could see right down the main hall. I envisioned myself walking down that hall and running down that hall ( I've been hanging out there since I was a little kid, like 5) and just reliving all the good bad great sad funny stupid moments I'd had there. I accepted the loss of this place in my heart, and remembered that I would and will always have those experiences. They are part of who I am. I looked down the street and saw a sorry looking coyote trotting down the sidewalk in an apparent state of confusion. I walked back through the field, but the people who were there before were gone. Oh, I forgot to mention that I kept looking at the sky that night, and almost every time I did I saw airplanes flying and blinking overhead. Anyways, I got to the sidewalk on the other side of the field and saw the coyote running in the opposite direction, right down main street. It looked so sad and dishevelled. I walked down the street a bit farther, grooving to my music and thinking fuzzy warm funny thoughts until I was full of good cheer. I entered Banff's other grocery store, looking for something I wanted to eat. I found nothing appealing, so I left after a while, passively wondering if the people working were suspicious of the rather conspicuous lump in my coat ( my nestea). I decided that I would walk through the park on my way home. It was dark and kind of spooky because I saw that coyote again. I could just barely make him out. He circled me slowly a couple times and then ran off. I felt bad for him now, so I apologized for his condition, and sent good thoughts to him. I hoped I would free him from whatever made him so messed up. loneliness starvation etc... I thought I might be able to actually free him with nothing but good intentions.I decided I didn't need my nestea, so I put it by the bridge where many bums sleep.I thought they might like some nestea... I don't know. Anyway, I made my way home, and kind of came down pretty quickly, only 4 hours or so after I'd eaten the shrooms. I got home, and got my pot from my stash box. I noticed that there was a lighter in there... just think, if I had found that so many cool things and thoughts might have been missed! and many new ones would have been found. this thought amazed me because I realized how every single thing we do effects other things. I can choose to brush my teeth or not. if I don't I might make somebody leave because of my bad breath. that person might be an asshole,thus I would have averted a possibly annoying situation. Its a bad example, but you know what I mean. ...Also, I never figured out if the coyote was real or not.thats about it, I think. I left my shrooms behind my clock, not realising it was almost daylight savings. when I went to get them again the following weekend, they were all gone. disappeared. another choice, though that one was more negative. so this is a quicker and less eloquent version of my story. its not as fully realised and my emotions aren't as well explained, but for those of you who are hungry for new trip reports, this should help a bit during the winter drought. thanks for reading

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