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The Sky

well, it was to be my first time trying 'shrooms, but as the months passed i have experienced them again and again.

well, it was to be my first time trying 'shrooms, but as the months passed i have experienced them again and again. but nothing will ever compare to this first time...and you'll see why. it was my birthday, and as a gift my boyfriend (now ex) and me were going to go 'shrooming, he had done it before, so i felt secure that this was to be a good trip. i have no clue the doseage, or what kind, only that they were chocolate covered and from B.C. of course, scared half out of my wits to eat it (and i swear it tasted like medicine) i ate the chocolate heart....nice october evening. we had an extra chocolate that was for my friend, she didn't end up coming so we split it in two. we walked around for about half an hour, and found ourselves in the park near our houses, lying on a green hill...looking at the sky. this was just the begining. yes things did seem clearer than usual, and also fuzzier, one moment would go by and next it was like you were never there. my hands and legs were slowly going numb, just strange feelings, haard to explain, but soon enough, after feeling like i was sliding down the hill, i felt scared at what i was getting myself into, paranoia! no control whatsoever, so i decided, if i can't beat it, join it! we walked a bit, and ended up restless and leaning on a nearby fence facing a road. both of us slumped against the fence, we would soon percieve what i swear is something that we were not supposed to. aliens? angels? the supernatural? could have been. my b/f suggested maybe we were seeing what animals see, or bugs, (understand that beings all see different things, and that there are some things we just can't see, e.g. radiation waves, gases) that seemed totally possible. we were both fixated on this sky above us, it is so hard to explain it, but WOW, the clouds were lit up, stars were in one area one minute and disappeared the next, the clouds were joining in an "o" but also coming down on me (or us, he said he saw what sounds like the same thing) while were were so fixated on this sky, our dialogue was limited to "woah, are you seeing that?". the sky's colors faded and blended, while the lights from above the sky became brighter, but most of all, the clouds took on shapes, beings, hands, arms, reaching down to me. i swear they must have been halfway through the sky when we both heard a car and POW, back to reality. above us was this amazing, boundless, phenomenon. and there we were, in this limited reality, with a car going by us, going back home from a long day at work or something. Reality. well, out of this spectacular sight, we went back to his house because it was getting cold, both talking about our experience. what was so strange, (or amazing) was the fact that it could have been real, it sure looked natural, just like a sky, and the feelings i felt was that it was real,and i still do till this day. the rest of the trip was great too, going in and out of our own little worlds, just drifting away.

but the amazing thing about 'shrooming (when you have a good trip that is) is the new ways you experience things, yes i've thought about the possiblility of the supernatural, but to experience it, and see it. WOW! it expanded my mind beyond control, i feel it is essential, now, without a doubt, my mind has been opened to an imaginative world, that just might be true, maybe people are just not letting themselves see it. number one piece of advice from a good tripper, go with it, explore, see where the trip takes you. it's only a few hours, so take them ALL in attentively.

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