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I always wanted to try mushrooms, for mad long me n my friends were always looking for them n finally we got a call.

I always wanted to try mushrooms, for mad long me n my friends were always looking for them n finally we got a call. "THE MOSS SPOT" is a name of 1 of many spots in the woods ware we chill smoke pot, drink, etc. Me and my friend split and eith of some shrooms and washed them down with orange juice. My other friend already ate an eith to his face about an hour before we ate ours but said he was feeling nothing. So i was with about 9 kids wich is about the amount we usually chill wit. So after eating them i felt fine for about 20 minutes then they slowly started to kick in. My friend who split the eith with me started buggin out and was afraid of the trees. We didint kno if he was fakin but didnt say anything. So when these things started to kick in i felt great. I felt powerfull and like i was floating. Nothing to intense so far but i was defenetally feelin somethin. Before i new it we were on our way to "THE MOSS SPOT" and all 3 of us were feeling the shrooms. One of them started throwing away his cigerettes at everyone else n then was upset that he diddnt get one so i gav him one he threw at me. So on our journey through the woods i felt even wierder. We were singing laughing yelling and a bunch of shit was goin on. I thought i was going insane because my vision got realli bright and some trees looked like plastic. I started sweating but we were almost there. We had no idea why we were going to the moss spot but if we didnt get there soon we thought something real bad was gonna happen. So the friend i split the eith with had to sit down but that didnt stop me n the other kid from runnin like retards through the woods to the spot. Once we got there we felt great! We were out of breath and felt like we conquered the world. we new our other friend didnt make it and throught he was gonna have a bad trip. so its ben about 2 hours or so and the kid that had to sit down finally came back with us and started hystericall crying. He wanted it to stop and didnt kno if he was gonna die. Me and the other kid that were havin a great fucking time left him because we thought it was gonna affect our trip. so we went further into the woods and started talking to each other n like a retarted language that we can understand perfectly. i dont remember much after that but i say it was worth it. MUSHROOMS WERE ILL!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE <(O)>'z......

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