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I have done shrooms before and enjoyed ever thing about them.

I have done shrooms before and enjoyed ever thing about them. This time it was very different it had been about four years since i have last done shrooms. I bought five whole mushrooms and went to my friend house the day after. I ate three of them with chocolate my friend ate the two left we then sat down and started to watch a movie while we wait for them to kick in. After a hour goes by neither one of us was feeling anything. I then decided i was gonna go home. I left and has soon as i got going down the road the lights from the car and cars on the road street lights, etc. must have triggered the reaction and i started to get a high feeling i got to the highway to turn on and something hit me i felt like i had already turned down there it was the weirdest feeling ever my mind started racing as i tryed to figure out what was going on. I pulled over to get myself together it was raining so i got out of the car to get my face wet hoping it would sober me up. It was to late to go back i was closer to home than my friends house. So i got back in the car and headed home ever time i turned it felt like i had already been there. I got home went inside and laid down to watch tv i started get very nausas and began vomiting when i would looked at things i saw them in a way that i had never seen things before almost like i was looking trough it and then seeing it back. I ate the shrooms at 8:00p.m. and it was now 3:00a.m. i wasnt even starting to come down i kept vomiting and begun to get paranoid i dint want to feel like this anymore i then called my friend to see how he was and there was no answer so that didnt help my paranoia. The sun was starting to come up somewhat and i all i wanted to do was go to sleep. I went to my cabinet and got out some sleeping pills and took two then laid back down and stared at the clock eventually i fell asleep and woke up around 9:00a.m. slept maybe two hours my stomach still bothering me anyways i have tripped before on acid (lsd) many times took mushrooms several times but never as this happened to me before i guess since im older my mood as changed drugs like that take a different effect on me anyways i will never really know because that was my last time ever. (my body weight is around 204 pounds im male and 26 years of age).

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