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I first tripped at 18.

I first tripped at 18. I am going to tell you about my 4 or 5th trip. My parents took my little brother away for the weekend. My older brother James was home. my boyfriend, 1 guy friend and 1 girl friend came over. My boyfriend asked who wants to smoke. We all did including my brother. We smoked a fatty and a pinner in my room. I think a bong was passed around too. We ordered the untimate munchy food...dominos pizza! my friends and i loaded the shrooms onto the pizza (one friend ate them straight) i dabbed a brownie into the shroom shake to empty the bag completely. we had rented a movie with robin williams in it, "what dreams may come" Phat fuckin movie to watch while trippin!!! one part of the movie, robin williams is in a painting every step he takes he is moving the paint around it is sooooo trippy rent it if you can( but trip to see it)I was trippin hard core. Anna didn't feel anything yet. Rob and Drew were buggin has hard as i was. i decided i wanted to go for a drive. 2 towns away is a place called Mount Misery. i drove through the dark roads with the trees towering over the road. no street lights to lite your way just trippy eyes. i had so much fun. drew ate a blue lollipop and i bugged oout thinking he was bleeding bllue like a smurf or something. i went into a 7-11 to grab a pack of butts cuz i smoked like a feen. the cashier looked as if she was going to grab my wallet so i ran out throwing $5 at her for the butts. then Anna started trippin hard core while we had started to slowly come down. the visuals from this trip were incredible and the best part was when i saw the dancin baby from ally mcbeal in the tree my friends could see it too. our trips were like totally linked. we all have been close friends ever since. we laughed and laughed for hours the next day my cheeks hurt from laughing. we had a cool time trippin.

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