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The Fourth Of July

In the small Alaskan town where I live, the Fourth of July is a really big deal.

In the small Alaskan town where I live, the Fourth of July is a really big deal. The usual population of 3,000 people swells to 30,000 over this glorious holiday. All along the beachfront is a huge party that reminds me of an outdoor music festival with tents packed side to side and hippies grooving to live music. Anyway...that sets the stage. Early on the Fourth I was hanging out downtown and talking to a friend of mine (Bob) who told me that there were some shrooms in town and asked if I wanted to split a bag ($50). I agreed and gave him $25. We were to meet later that evening when we both were off of work.

Around 9PM I went to his work and met him, along with two other friends (Joe and Joe). Joe and Joe had split a bag about an hour before and were as yet stone cold sober. This worried me, but I quickly wolfed down my half bag, around 4 dried caps and a bunch of stems. I don't have any idea what species of mushroom they were, but I'm guessing Liberty Caps for some reason. I didn't mind the taste, there was no nausea, and they took a long time to set in, so you guess from there. A half-hour later Joe, Joe, Bob, and I still didn't feel any significant effects and were pretty dissapointed with the waste of money. I lost track of Bob at this point (we were gonna trip together) and wandered off on my bike.

This is the wierd part. At midnight every Fourth there is a big fireworks display. Just before midnight I looked at my watch and decided I had to find a place to watch the show, and soon spotted some friends of mine hanging out on a grass lawn near the launch site. Then BAM, three hours since I ingested the mushies, the high finaly hit. It was really fast and strong, within a minute I could barely walk over to my friends, where I collapsed on the grass. The fireworks were incredible, and I felt as if they were exploding directly over my head and were going to land on me. I couldn't stop laughing. I heartily recomend fireworks while tripping. After the display rode my bike all the way down the bike path to tent city, trying to find Bob.

I finally got to the place where the hippies and kids were dancing to the live band and found my friend. As soon as he saw me he was like, "You're tripping too, aren't you!" His eyes were wide and he was odviously tripping as hard as I was. We hung out for a bit, but soon got nervous. Minors were walking all around with beers in their hands and people were talking about cops coming. I heard a rumor that they were searching backpacks (which makes no sense, but it freaked me out anyway) and I had an eighth of weed in my pack and my friend was carrying a case of Heiniken in his. So we walked to a friends house to continue the party, this around 1:30AM. We stayed at this friends house until I got nervous that my parents would wonder where I was, so Bob and I (Bob was staying at my house) walked to my house.

When we got there we met my new cousin-in-law who was slightly drunk. He knew that we were messed up, but is only 21 years old so he helped us out. He told my Mom that we were home and then let us sneak out, after which we returned to my friends house. There, we watched the movie Airplane. Good god it was funny. We laughed so hard at the part where that one guy is sniffing glue and hanging off the celing that I will always laugh when I think about it. After the movie we walked back to my house, when the high finaly wore off...around 5:30AM. All in all, it was a fairly intense trip. I could hardly walk around and it was hard to think. However, except for the fireworks there were basicaly no visuals. This is why I decided it must have been a level 1 trip.

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