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the doors of perception

Me and my friend decided to try them and watch the movie The Doors.

Me and my friend decided to try them and watch the movie The Doors. We only had an 8th but it was enough.I split up the portions and we rolled them in fruit roll-ups. Right after we ate them my mom walks down stairs and starts watching the movie with us.I didn't really feel them yet but it freaked me out and I yelled at her to go to sleep.It was about 12:30 when they started to kick in.At first i felt like my feet were melted together and i started laughing for no reason.Then i looked over and saw my laundry basket breathing.Soon many things would breath.I had this leopard blanket and when i put it over me it became like a real big cat lying on me and purring.My arms were soooooo long and my house started swallowing itself.At one point i looked out the window and the outside zoomed towards me like in a movie.Me and my friend were both fucked up and paranoid but still really happy because everything was ecstatic.The Doors was also the perfect movie for a trip.After the movie i tried to make it to the kitchen to wash out the cups we had the mush in and bugs started crawling from my sink.I also saw people in my radiator.When we finally got upstairs my house was swallowing itself and we wer saying crazy shit.My poor cat got shut in a door by my bastard friend who was tripping off his ass and saying poetry every time he breathed.The only bad part of my trip was after we had tripped for like 5 hours and wanted to sleep, the flashing colorful pictures kept us up almost all night. Its hard to sleep when one's room is floating.-LiLi the strange flower child

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