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the day i lost my Vcard (of mushrooms that is)

i dont know what level to put this under becuase i dont think it was very extreme, we didnt take many shrooms and i didnt have any strait up halucinasions.

i dont know what level to put this under becuase i dont think it was very extreme, we didnt take many shrooms and i didnt have any strait up halucinasions.. like i didnt see little lepercons or anything..it was mostly mental, and a little visual...

so iv been wanting to shroom for about a year now, but they seem realy hard to come by. but when we finaly did get some.. oman was it crazy..

my friend called me up to tell me his friend had about 4.5 g's... and so since it was all of our first time we thought we would take up the offer.. we split evenly between 3 people..so about 1.5 g's for myself my friend tre, and my friend damon.

after we smoked a little J up in the woods and had a good skatboarding session we walked back up to my frineds house and made penut butter sandwichs and put the shrooms in them.

you couldnt taste anything, but by the time we were done there was a terrible after taste in my mouth.. it tasted like complete ass hole.

10 min. later i was still feeling normal .. just waiting for it to kick in.. we were listenign to some techno music when my stomach started to feel funny.. i was feeling giddy and laughing for no reason.

we walked outside just to wait it out til it realy started kicking in. then about 30 min after eating the sandwiches i started to feel it. i layed out on a hill and the sky started to change shades of color..i saw little lines start to appear, and the neighbors were outside with their kids, and i could distinctly hear the little childrens voices in my head. it sounded so good, i dont know why. we decided to walk up to the gas station and get some more blunts, becuase i had 2 other friends who hadnt taken shrooms so they just wanted to smoke a little.

as we walked up to the gas station, i forgot what the purpose of walking up there was... so i asked my friend, but for some reason his words wernt making any sense to me.. it was like the words he was speaking wernt conecting in anyway and it was just a bunch of jibberish.

i could tell my movments started to get funny, i felt like i was made out of jello or somthing. and things looked kind of wavy-ish.. not realy wavy but jsut a little diffrent.

then we took a walk through our little town trying to find a play ground to go role the blunt.

on our walk up there i must have had like 10 cig's but i only took a puff of like 1.. i was just fasinated with the amber burning on the tip. i also took alot of pictures with my phone.. i dont know why i cant realy explain what was going on through my head, it was just the crazyest thoughts i had ever had.

by this time i didnt know what time it was, or how long ago i had eating that sandwich. my friend damon was acting real crazy, but i didnt pay attention to him..i didnt takl much the whole time, i jsut kept to myself. when we got to the playgournd i layed on the grass. the colors started again when i stared at the sky, and i was very intrested in random parts of little conversations that my friends were having. i would like, interupt them and ask them specific details on things they had said..it was realy wierd.

then on our way back, as we walked through the woods i started getting these crazy thoughts. i thought about life, and stuf. i questioned everything and everyoen. it was like a religous experience. then on my way out of the woods i got seperated from my friends so i ended up wandering around townhouses for liek 30 min... from then on it all started to wear off, and my mind slowly came back.

it was as if i took a trip into a diffrent reality where nothing is what it was. if i could sum it all up in a few words it would jsut be, complete nonsense.

but i liked it and im trying to buy a O with my other friend. :)

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