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The Creek

It was me and my friend, Chancey.

It was me and my friend, Chancey. See, this was our first time experimenting with shrooms, we had done weed, but not this yet. Well, we ate the mushrooms by butting them in sandwitches. Me and Chancey both got approximately 5 liberty caps in each of our sandwitches.

We rode our bikes to the local creek, which was like a jungle. We sat next to the creek in the sand, shrouded by trees that shaded us from the hot sun.

At approximately 2:40PM I began to eat my sandwitch, Chancey was getting nervous. He thought there was a chance we could die, and he asked me to spit out what was in my mouth. I didn't. I got pissed off and said,"Dammit Chancey, eat the fucking sandwitch!" He's not one to be thought of as a punk, so he opened the sandwitch up and took out the shrooms,"I don't like Peanut Butter jelly sandwitches." He got up and turned around, "what a pussy," I thought to myself. We both began to get stomache aches.

10 minutes after Chancey had eaten his shrooms, he began to act odd to say the least. I wasn't getting a damn thing. Chancey was laughing a little and yelling about seeing a huge tadpole. I walked over and confermned with sober eyes that infact it was a twigg, i wasn't surprised. He talked about gap in between this log and the stream, how it was a mouth sucking everything in, including himself. I was agitated that all I was getting was a buzz and a stomach ache. He thought he saw this huge shadow of a bird fly over us, like albatross size.

Me, on the other hand is still searching my area for liberty caps. Then maybe I can say I not only ate shrooms but tripped also.

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