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Tripin As I Type

Just thought that I would give everyone an idea of what it is like to shroom during the day, and then talk about how you are feeling while shrooming.

Just thought that I would give everyone an idea of what it is like to shroom during the day, and then talk about how you are feeling while shrooming...

I wouldn't classify myself as an experienced shroomer, I have done shrooms 10+ times, but usually once a month, maybe a little more often.

Current Time: 4:16PM in the afternoon...
Shrooms Taken: 2 medium sized caps, 2 stems
Time Taken: 3:45PM in the afternoon...
Last Time Shroomed: 3 days ago

- So now I am sitting here, still managing to type decently and basically a decent body high is beginning to kick in. I knew before I took them, that I wasn't taking enough to get a very intense hallucination, but my objective was just to get motivated and do some searching and problem solving. Shrooms have proven to be an excellent source of ideas spawning as well as tools of motivation.

Things I am noticing: My vision is slightly blurred, and I have to continually re-focus my eyes on the screen. I am fairly sure this is not being caused by being tired, due to the fact I drank 2 cups of coffee only 2 hours ago.

I'm a tad bit jittery, currently moving my leg up and down on the ground, near the computer chair.

I'm a little bit paranoid, but of what, I am not sure. I guess thats just the feeling I have at the moment, but surely it will go away I am guessing.

I feel a timid numbness in my right arm, causing it to be rather difficult to type easily...

I would certainly like to type up another update, later on in the future, when I have taken a larger quantity to give a much more indepth idealism of the effects and things I am feeling...

3 days ago when many of my friends shroomed with my at my home, we all peaked around the same time, which was excellent. We had all taken about 3 caps, and 5 stems and were sailing along throughout the night when the peak hit us. We were outside, running around in my yard, yelling peakers, and some very funny stuff. It was quite entertaining and we organized a bunch of activities and such. A few of us ended up smoking ganja while we were peaking, myself included, and this caused the psychadellic feelings to increase 2folds. Everyone left my home, and the visuals increased further, and I laid down in my bed for close to 3 hours just imagining different scenarios. I was very hungry, and ate several times during the night, also drinking quite a bit of gatorade. I finally fell asleep on mushrooms, and had some VERY vivid dreams with much detail and events happening. I woke up about 5 hours later, extremely motivated and passionate towards nature. This tends to be the way I feel after every mushroom adventure.

Well, I currently feel on/off like I need to use the restroom, so I am going to go...

I hope this maybe gave a minor insight on Level 1 - Level 2 feelings during the beginning of a trip.

Feel free to respond or email me --> hexs@hexs.net

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