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The Chronicles of my Adventure- First Trip

I took about 1.

I took about 1.5 grams of mushrooms at about 11 pm at night. All of my friends had already taken them earlier in the day, and most of them weren't even high any more when I took them, but I had to go to dinner with some family friends, so I couldn't drop with them. But I got back around 11 and dropped them then. A couple of other people dropped again, just so that I would have some company! After we ate them, we started walking down to the beach, which is just down the hill. On the way, about twenty minutes after I took them, I still wasn't feeling anything, so I took about 1.5 more grams. As soon as I took them, I started feeling the first batch. I started noticing things, like how intricate and detailed the trees were, and how the streetlights bathed them in a kind of weird yellow light. When we got to the beach, about ten minutes later, we sat on some benches and waited for them to take full effect. I started to feel nauseous, which everyone told me was a normal side effect. I almost threw up, but didn't.

After sitting for about twenty more minutes, I could definitely feel them in full effect. I would look at a tree, and it looked like a crappy flipbook, like lots of quick pictures that didn't quite match up, so it looked like the tree was shifting really quickly. It was really weird. But the cool thing is, I wasn't scared, or even weirded out by it. In fact, I felt at peace with it.

Then, I had this overwhelming urge to take an adventure. So I told everyone (there was probably seven people there) that I was going for a walk. Three of my friends went with me, just to make sure that I didn't do anything stupid, or get lost! One of them dropped again when I took some, and the other two were down already, but still feeling good from their trips. We started walking, and I just remember thinking, "WOW, everything is SO cool!". I walked past a bunch of plants on the edge of the sidewalk, and I remember pointing to each one as we past it, saying "that's a cool bush, and that's a cool tree, and that's a cool flower..." It was great!

I had these unexplainable urges to walk where it was really dark, like where there were no streetlights, and in places where I would actually be pretty scarred to walk at night. But I knew there was nothing ACTUALLY dangerous, so we went. We sat on more benches at little coves and stuff, and it was great!

What really tripped me out was this cat that we came across. It was just standing there by the side of the road, and when I saw it move in the dark, it REALLY scarred me! It was just a fucking cat! But for some reason, it REALLY SCARRED ME!! Then, to top things off, it started following us in the dark along the road we were walking on! At this point, my two sober friends had to assure me that they would protect me from the cat. I just couldn't imagine why this strange cat was following us. Then we figured out that it was a female cat in heat, cuz its tail was raised and it was rubbing and purring against our legs. So then, just like that, the cat became not scary anymore, and better yet, became a traveling companion of ours on our adventure! We sat on yet another bench at this great little cove, and it was a memorial bench to some guy named Ralph Barber. We talked about Ralph, and what kind of guy we all thought he was. We all hoped, and liked to think, that he was a cool guy. We decided to name the cat Ralph Barber, in his memory.

As we were walking back, I realized that everything had substance and a lot of meaning. A tree is just a tree at first glance, but on mushrooms, it is a living organism, with complex mechanisms and processes. It is SO detailed and intricate, and you just want to spend hours studying it!

I was really connecting to my one friend who dropped with me, but the two guys who weren't tripping were giving me a weird vibe. It was like I could see their aura, and they had different energy then me and the other guy who dropped, and that was kind of weird. My buddy told me that while you are on mushrooms, people who aren't on mushrooms kind of give you a weird vibe. Now I know what he is talking about!

I forgot to mention, that about ten minutes into our adventure, I found this cool little stick, and carried it the entire way. I couldn't bring myself to put it down, cuz it became my friend, and I felt good holding it. It resembled a symphony conductor's stick, or a magic wand, and I felt like if I got into trouble, nothing bad would happen, cuz my magic wand would protect me. Even right now, I have it on my shelf, cuz I remember how cool I thought it was!

Then, after all this, we walked all the way back. We arrived back at the dorm at 3 am, so we were gone for a total of four hours, three and a half of which I was tripping for. I came back, and was still a bit high, so I took a shower, which was AMAZING, and listened to a bit of music. All in all, it was an amazing experience!

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