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The Best

ME and a couple friends have used shrooms on occasion.

ME and a couple friends have used shrooms on occasion. Recently we uped our normal dosage of 1/16m enough to cause a level 3 trip for each of us, to a 1/8 dosage. When the trip started taking hold of us we noticed that rather than things melting or moving they were rather more "alive" as they did things odf their own accord. Later things actually began to become other things, and the room that we were in was no longer a room but something dif. for each of us. I personaly became entranced by a ceiling net, which through a circle i became a god, and just through a though was able to travel to the most distant parts of the galaxy. My 1st friend covered her head with a blanket, and from there began to construst a worldt that was so real to her the thought of leaning it was impossible to her as the world would "die" and the lack of the worlds matter would shift the balance of nature itself. The third member of our trio, although unable to describe what really happened says that he was nothinf more than thought and that after he came down he had found a new "religion". Now as w a level five trip ego is lost, but ours can be desribed as nothing less while two of our members had near god complexes. I would desribe this trip as a level 5 and nothing but.

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