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The Belt of Orion (rather long)

Well, to begin with, I am not really a heavy user of drugs, but I had always been very interested in the various states oh the human mind as I am interested highly in psychology.

Well, to begin with, I am not really a heavy user of drugs, but I had always been very interested in the various states oh the human mind as I am interested highly in psychology. Not to mention I like to have fun and will try almost anything at least twice. So I have experimented with drugs. Never with magic mushrooms though, and I ALWAYS dearly wanted to try them, especially after reading some really amusing trip reports on this site...

Our story begins...

I was at a medium-sized party with my drinking partner Mike one night and we had JUST got done talking about how fun it would be if shrooms were on that night, of course I realized that it probably wouldn't. However, we get to the party, we're chilling, talking, playing instruments. Some people are going back in a room to powder their nose when one of them walks out and we start conversing. We jest about how we hoped to try shrooms sometime. Fortune smiled upon us that night as the dude whipped out MANY bags of the fungi.
We purchased half an 1/8th and took them. Each of us took a half of the half 8th. After 1 hour, NOTHING but an upset stomache.

After another hour the kid came back from going somewhere. We told of our problem and he said he'd sell us another 1/2 8th for a little cheaper so we did that, and I am rather persuasive, so I got him to not only give us half the 8th for a discount, but also to ADD onto that half with some smaller shrooms.

We ate that and washed it down with some remnants of peach schnapps. Waited.

Mike began tripping because he was getting giddy as hell and he flipped out when our friend's cat ran out from a curtain and he thought it came out of the wall. I wasn't feeling it though, I suppose because I have a high tolerance to substances such as marijuana and alcohol, so therefore I might have a higher tolerance to psilocybin. We just chilled, then a kid decided to take us home.

It seemed like the second I stepped into the cool night air that it began, perhaps because I was out of the pressure of trying to trip at the party. We started laughing because we wrote messages on the kid's frosted car, rather inappropriate pictures, etc. Then the color red seemed more vivid (not more red, just more easily noticed) Things seemed easier going and funny. In fact I about pissed myself when we kept confusing this poor fellow by telling him to turn down the wrong street, we were howling with laughter. After a while he got to my house and as thanks I bestowed a couple cigars to him. I knew I was totally there when I went upstairs to get Mike an RC and I became distracted by petting my kitten, when all of a sudden she lurched forward as if about to wretch and I drew back, mouth open. My sister had been watching a movie and said "what's wrong with you?" and I told her that the cat nearly threw up and she bought it. Then the cat did the lurch again so I just left because I didn't want my sister to realize something was amiss.

The kid left and my group of boys came over, Matt, T, and Cam. We were chilling out and told them we had just took shrooms, they were laughing and we joined in. After a while we decided to go get some food. Mike wanted to drive, but we made him give his keys to Matt. So Matt started driving. He was going steady down the road, and it felt like he was swerving like a mad man. I felt like I was on a roller coaster, but when I looked up at the steering wheel he was holding his hand straight, I laughed because I knew I was imagining it and Mike looked down right frightened.

We ended up at Taco Bell where a bunch of friends from school were being ushered away by some cop. I was really getting paranoid because a COP was right there. I tried not letting it show too much by talking to some of the kids there that I knew from school so that if something happened it'd look like conversation. I was going nuts inside, and I started acting a little off on the outside by compulsively rubbing my hands like I do when I'm nervous, jsut moreso than normal. At any rate we all ended up bitching out the cop which was hilarious and we left with my friend Andrew following us.

We were in my house and for no apparant reason we just started hurling cheap plastic poker chips at eachother. Every now and then out of the corner of my eye I'd see one flash colors REALLY fast, but when I'd go to see it straight on it wouldn't happen. Time seemed to cease. It literally felt as if we had the little pokerchip war for an hour...it was 15 minutes.

So by then it was 11, and I ingested batch 2 at about 10.

We decided to go outside cause after that chipwar I felt like I was boiling. I went outside and the breeze was refreshing. I walked on out in the middle of bloody January without a jacket!!! But it didn't feel the least bit cold, it felt like a cool Spring night. The stars were bright!!! I could see the constellation Orion perfectly. Me and Matt went up to park his car at a nearby chapel so that he wouldn't get a ticket. He started singing and it sounded like it was the radio, I was perplexed, when I said that it sounded like his voice was coming from the radio he laughed. He decided to swerve and peel out hardcore in the chapel. THAT WAS FUN AS HELL!!! The scariest thing of the night happened when he went to park on the hillside and said "We're going over!" and at first I was thinking "no we aren't" then he didn't brake at first and I screamed.

We got out and started walking back to my house. The grass was frosted over, but the night felt cool and inviting, I loved it, it was perhaps the most perfect night ever. The grass seemed to move with me, and when I'd stop it would go on for a few seconds. We finally got back to my yard and were chilling. Matt and Mike got a call from our contact and they left to go buy some brewskies.

So I just chilled outside with T, Cam, and Andrew. This was when I was definantly at the apex of my trip. They were smoking some cigars and I was just looking up at the sky in wonder. It seemed far off in the distance you could see a perfect spiral galaxy. I started looking back at Orion. Then from my right a shooting star flew gracefully through the sky right under Orion's belt and popped! and 5 stars came out and stayed in the sky for a few seconds and faded. I was in awe. Deciding that I had achieved some sort of goal I decided it was time to go inside. So, we did.

Andrew, T, and Cam started fucking with me bad too by throwing the chips like mad. It seemed whenever T threw them they was slow and easy to dodge, and when Andrew threw them they were really fast. I ran into the darkness of the other side of my basement where I could stealthily retalliate against them. I could see perfectly in the dark, I felt like I was a hunter, or a great predator awaiting my prey. I drew them in by ceasing to throw the chips and waiting crouched to the side. Eventually, Andrew, entered and I pounced on him and he flipepd and I laughed. So, we were done, it seemed as if Matt and Mike were gone forever.

They finally came back with two 12 packs of Nati Ice. I was overjoyed at their return to stop T and Andrew from throwing stuff at me. They broke open the brewskies, I went to open mine but the fine print it seemed was vibrating, or shaking just slightly. So, I ended up not drinking my brewskies. Matt, T, Cam, and Andrew decided that since it was now 1 that they should should leave because Andrew is forbidden to stay the night at my house after his mom heard about one of my rather wild parties. They left me 4 beers for when my trip ended, lol.

Mike decided to put himself to bed because he had work. I went up to piss and decided to look in the mirror, I noticed my pupils were pulsating quite a bit, I figure that's how you can tell you're tripping (much like when you have had a lot to drink and your pupils get large.) I went downstairs and put the X Box visuals on and put in Cream because I always desired to listen to Sunshine of Your Love while tripping, so, I did, and I began to see patterns in the X Box visuals, like states and moths.

Then for some unknown reason I had the urge to take a shower because I felt so dingy. I went to take the shower but found myself making faces in the mirror for what seemed an eternity because it was funny. It ended up being only 5 minutes, but that didn't seem as slow as stuff later that night, so I knew I was unwinding slowly. I took my shower, and in my head Sunshine of Your Love started playing clear as day. It seemed as if every time I blinked I had a dream because I was seeing things, like an F-150 hitting another F-150, when I closed my eyes. I went to turn the heat up on the water but found that it was already ALL THE WAY UP! Then as I started thinking of getting out because the water was cold, it became warm again. I closed my eyes and had a small closed-eye visual, then opened them again and there was steam around me. I figured I had been in the shower for an hour, and had fallen asleep. I got out, and only 20 minutes had gone by.

I walked around and my kitten came running towards me and I freaked out cause at first I thought she was a shadow (because she's a black cat, very small and cute.) I picked her up and patted her. I went into my room bent on sleeping now but I ended up having a debate with myself (not with a hallucination, but literally thinking to myself, or rather, delibarating on whether or not my trip was over and rationalizing if I had been tripping all night or not.) I opened my door to go get food, I grabbed one of those V8 drinks to try it...YUCK!!! It was worse than the shrooms!!!!!

I started running my hand on the carpet to get my cat's attention and she crounched and then pounced at it and I REALLY FLIPEPD out and yelled a little and then laughed at my own foolishness and petted her. After a while at about 3 (So after starting my trip around 10:45-11 and ending at 3 I had approximately a 5 hour trip) I felt myself rapidly dropping off the trip, and I felt rather tired so I sat myself down and eventually fell asleep.

All-in-all it was a fun experience. No bad side-effects, besides the initial bad stomache from the first batch. As I stated before, I will try anything twice, and mushrooms are definantly on the list for a second try!!!

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