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Super Shroom 64

Shroomers of america!

Shroomers of america!!!!!!! Play Super Mario Kart 64 on the nintendo 64 it really trips you out. Start off on a lower level and make your way to the rainbow road. I must say that I am new at shrooming but I really was tripping balls. I have dosed about 20 to 30 times in my shroom life and this was by far the most intence trip ever. I start to play the game about 15 minutes after dosing and then I just chill and let myself work into a huge trip. MInd, VIsual, and body will all come out of this one....TRUST ME!!!!!!

As I started to Shroom everything around the screen started to melt and the floor looked like it was about 4 feet deep with all sorts of 3D visions. At this point my body was so euphoric that I thought I was going to passout. I cant really explain the things that I was feeling that night but I know that I have never tripped that hard before. Since then I have been experimenting with SuperMarioKart 64 and I am sure that this is one trip toy that will br! ing you to new levels. The only bad thing about it is that you can easily slip into a bad trip because it is so intence and can bring on early peaks.....but over all it is great.......ALL HAIL NINTENDO64 For these trips I dose between two and three grams of Psilocibe mushrooms and take about 10, 500 millagram vitamin "C" tabs..... good luck all!!!!!

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