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strange encounters

It had all started back in this past year when me and a few friends all agreed to do shrooms.

It had all started back in this past year when me and a few friends all agreed to do shrooms. The first thing I remember I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I was distracted by a little flouting killer clown on top of the television. It started laughing and pointing at me and my friends. I had not been in the mood for such a thing as this so I went and got an aluminum baseball bat and knocked his ass clean out the window. I remember thinking something like, ‘that should do the trick’ as I laughed my ass off. It was by fare the funniest and most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my whole life. There was clown allover my walls me and my friends laughed for what seemed like an about an hour and then we moved on.
A little later that night is when shit really started happening somehow my friend grow a mustache he never had before. Also my girlfriend had the biggest ass it was so nice! Then my hand started talking to me it said something like, ‘hey you gemme head!!! It was the funniest shit. And the next thing I knew I had about a 20min conversation with my hand! It was some crazy shit goin on in there. For a minute there I thought about cutting off my hand like in evil dead 2 when his hand went haunted but I didn’t off course. then the only thing I really remember after that was getting into some fight with a fagget and I busted him up pretty good pretty good indeed. Then I woke up the next day filling shitty as Hell!

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