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spiral staircase to the moon

to start i am 25 and have been shrooming for some time now and have to say i love it.

to start i am 25 and have been shrooming for some time now and have to say i love it. Ill tell you about my first time because this has to be the most spectacular feeling i have ever felt while shrooming.
aged 17 i can still remember it as though it was yeaterday. I took half a gram and this was enough i can tell you for a first time,my friends and i were feeling rather brave so we took what was on offer, and decided to go to safe house where1 we wouldnt get caught (being only 17)and somewhere we could stay calm. It took around 35-45 mins to kick in, i was sat on the loo and couldnt get over how many hands i had, FREAKY , This i was told at the time to be paper traces, I must have sat there for at leat 20 mins just looking at my hands!! anyway when i finally dragged myself out of the loo we decided to go for a walk and this was a fantastic idea. We left the house to be met by a clear stary night, the staircase hadnt started at this point, began walking and was amazed to see the alphabet coming out of the ground- the grass and pretty much everything i looked at, letters and more letter moulding into one another
while i tried to make sense of this my friends had all seen other things and halluconations and couldnt understand why i was so absorbed in the grass. Anyway afer this i had decided that the letters were too much and had to go inside to chill, thats when i saw it, the most amazing scene, you could have made millions at the box office whith it. A spiral staircase to the moon made out of clouds, They were swirrling and mooving in a fluid motion to the moon, i stood in ore of this and needed to take it all in never before had i felt so good never before had i seen such beauty, The sky was filled with warmth, it was taking me on a jouney i had no control over, i didnt mind because i felt so safe. I was on my own by this point which looking back could have turned nasty but thank gd it didnt. It must have been nearly 2 hrs into the trip and i was on a high, sat on my own, in my friends garden rushing, while taking a ride on a spiral staircase to the moon. my friends finally dragged me away, but when i went back to look at the sky 30 mins later it was gone :( i was comming down and felt really depressed. I had been to the moon and back and wanted so much to be there again but ive never been there since. Mabie im searhing too hard for it. Anyway if you in a safe enviromnment a with people who will look out for you if you become too freaked, you will be fine, Go along with the ride and mostly enjoy the trip, your first time is the best dont waste it. Its like sex theres no going back. There is only 1 first time!!

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