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(((*whispers suck*))

Sometimes there are things you can only laugh at AFTER you get off your trip.

Sometimes there are things you can only laugh at AFTER you get off your trip. This was one of those times..... It all happened when i went over to my frinds house and we decided that we would have a party, there was about 6 people that so we all pooled our money in and bought some shrooms. This was the FIRST time i had ever done shrooms and I couldn't wait. My friend (who had done shrooms several times before) told me to only eat about 1 gram (cuz im a light weight) so i did, so nothing was happening so I ate 2 more grams then I smoke some grade A bud. I laid my back against my friends couch and that's when it hit me! My back is sinking into the couch. I put my hand up to my face and it melted right into me, when i closed my eyes all I could see was Trent Reznor smoking a doobie!! So by this time i wasn't to scared everything was going pretty good, then about a half hour later things started getting weird. I looked at my hand and it was bloated with purple veins and it seemed as though there were worms underneath my skin, i look down at the floor and all i could see was blood seeping through the carpets, and "tree spirits" slithering on the floor. I looked around me and the walls were talking and breathing. I then had an uncontrollable urge to go pee.So i went to the washroom, and I called my friend with me, i don't know why but I felt like I was being watched and i wanted her to make sure knowone would open the door. I blanked out and when i came to i was in mid-sentence with my friend still at the bathroom door aparently I had been there for a half hour!! When i finally got into the bathroom I sat down and this incredible wave of pressure came over and this high pitched sound stirred in my ears, I looked around and realized everything was expanding, well i got out of there pretty quick (aparently screaming could be heard from me outside the bathroom door) I then proceded to go to the living room and everything was floating backwards! The pop bottle we had was breathing and floating at the same time! All of a sudden I couldn't hear myself talking and I was getting really scared and started rocking back an forth on the couch. My friend tried to calm me down but it didn't help considering spark were shooting out of her eyes! So, everyone was afraid of being busted so they had to shut me up... soooo one of the guys that were at the party deided to give my 2 relaxents. In my mind I was thinking up a way to go to sleep forever just so I could stop tripping even if that meant to die, so I took the relaxents and looked at the big glass of water handed to me. The glass of water all of a sudden opened up into a vast wide ocean calling me in so I plopped my head right in, all i felt was my best friend lifting up my hair! So I tried to force myself to sleep so I went to my frinds room and past out on the carpet, exept this was no ordinary carpet this carpet talked to me and said I was going to die over and over again. From what my friends told me I had asked them several times if I was going to die because I truly thought I was dying I thought that that was what Hell looked like! I also swore I would never do shrooms or any other drug in my intire life.... but 2 days later I did it again it was the BEST!! Anyways it might not seem like that bad of a trip but it scared me ( you kinda had to be there, oh ya we accidentaly fed the dog shrooms so she was flippin out to)

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