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spiderman trip

It was my first time doing shrooms.

It was my first time doing shrooms. I had always been interested in it, since the first time i heard about them.My friend brought an ounce of psilocyben shrooms. I was a little of shaky at first, but then just said what the hell.My friend made shroom tea. he gave me a glass of it, and said drink up. i chugged it down, and chugged another, and another. after about 8, i started to feel a little drowsy. so i went and sat down on the couch. after about 25 minutes, i noticed something moving really fast aroudn the room, just zipping, i looked closely. and i saw spiderman.he was a bout a foot tall, and he was just jumping off the walls, and swigning off the ceiling fan. i started to get scared, because i knew it was the trip kicking in, and i couldnt stop it. i closed my eyes, then opened them, and he was gone. i sighed in relief. but then he was back, he just flew in, from another room, swingign again. i started to panick, i tried to get up from the couch, but i looked down, and there was nothing below me, so i just started falling and falling. and i could hear laughing in the background, i couldnt stop it, everything was going so fast. then i woke up in my tub, with the shower on soaking wet. my trip had worn off, i looked at the clock, 9 pm, about 3 hours after i had taken the shrooms. i got up and dried myself, and went to look for my friend. i couldnt find him anywhere, until i heard moaning coming from the backyard, i looked outside, and saw my friend wrapped in bedsheets, lying on the grass. i helped him up and brought him in. IT WAS ONE HELL OF A TRIP!

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