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Smoking Cubensis


0.2 gram very fine Psilocybe cubensis powder
in short pipe w/ screen
apply flame and hold in: took 6 tokes to smoke all powder.
Immediately notice a faint effect, almost attributable to holding breath.
Effects could be described as a light pot buzz with no stoney effects.
Not interesting. Effects last 45-60 minutes and diminsh for another 30.

After effects are fully gone:

2 grams syrian rue seed ground into powder
boiled with 1/8 tsp citric acid and 1/2 cup water for 10 minutes
strained through coffee filter

T= 0
cooled, drunk.

notice: light head effects, relaxed, with mild 'weirdness' in stomach: not a bad feeling, just strange.

7mg 2cb

Notice strange, unsettled feeling beginning in head. Thinking 'up we go'.

Not entirely pleasant feelings in GI. Nothing bad, just 'blooky'. Head space is 'sensitive' to outside influence, some very mild sensual changes including a mild chill and then over-warmth in a blanket.

Mild diarrhea, a few gulps of acid taste from throat. Listening to music, drawing, writing, thinking. Clear headedness with a little 'nervous' feeling thrown in. By changing lighting, sound, etc. able to feel head-better.

T120 - T240
Mild stomach upset, which is conscious about 1/3 of the time. Introspective artistic, some minor short-term memory dissociation. Felt like drawing, writing, the whole time... Creative skills _not_ enhanced, but creative impulses increased.. :)

felt tired and was able to sleep normally.

Overall, the mushroom smoking experiment is worth trying again sometime, perhaps as an adjunct to another experience (?)... Perhaps after some rue? One thing that I noticed about smoking the mushrooms was that the smoke numbed my mouth somewhat, which reminded me of CCasteneda's description of smoking mushrooms. He describes smoking mushrooms as being more like pulling the fine powder down his throat, which is numbed in the process. It occured to me that it might be interesting to smoke from a pipe without the screen to experience this effect :) (author is aware of CC's fictionality)

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