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Skating on shrooms.

During my last experience on mushrooms, I experienced heightened mental and physical abilities- specifically demonstrated through my skateboarding ability.

During my last experience on mushrooms, I experienced heightened mental and physical abilities- specifically demonstrated through my skateboarding ability. The trip started while I was driving with a friend down to Los Angeles from Oregon for Coachella Music Festival. I had what was left of more than a half ounce of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms in the glove box (I had eaten approximately an eighth of an ounce in Ashland Oregon about 4 days before, and given a couple stems and caps away to some street-kids while tripping). As I said, I was driving, and my friend suggested I go ahead and eat the rest of the bag. It was a beautiful day and I was in a great mood, so I obliged. I do not recall how much food I had in my stomach, but I know it wasn't a whole lot since we had been snacking mildly most of the road-trip. Upon biting into the first stem, I experienced an immediate adrenaline rush, presumably as a reaction to the taste. After consuming the rest of the bag (I'm guessing about 3 grams of dried stems and caps), I began feeling the effects within about 5 minutes, which is highly unusual for me. [I have two theories as to the quickness of my reaction, both of which may have some validity. First, the taste may have produced an immediate placebo reaction- where my brain switched into mushroom mode before the psilocybin and psilocin even reached it. Second, my metabolism was kicked into high gear by the initial adrenaline rush and spread the chemicals faster] So the most notable immediate effects were a body buzz partially caused (presumably) by the adrenaline in my system. The colors of the surrounding fields and the sky intensified, I saw translucent prismatic patterns in front of my eyes. Then my mind began to race. I found that this was my greatest obstacle to driving. When I'd run off with my thoughts, I found I'd come up on trucks ahead of me too quickly (though I had the car's cruise control set at the speed limit). I decided to relax and just focus on driving. I leaned back against the seat. Upon doing so, my arms felt stretched a mile in front of me to the steering wheel. I remember saying to my friend "my arms feel mad long!" He thought this was funny. He then asked if I wanted to hear The Mars Volta. "Yes!" I exclaimed. I then focused all my energy on driving the car. According to my friend, later, he could perceive no difference in my driving before and after the ingestion of mushrooms. My experience was that it took all my energy not to run away with my thoughts- but I was able to enter into a semi-meditative state where my entire being was devoted to piloting the vehicle safely. My emotional state was greatly heightened by the music. What emotion I was feeling, I can't quite describe other than "intensity." I pulled over at the next rest stop, requesting that my friend take over driving. Not only because I was tripping, but also because I had been driving the whole trip. while he went into a store to go to the bathroom, I sat in the passenger seat with my legs on the dash. My legs seemed to slowly extend and contract, and blue, purple and yellow spiraling fractal patterns swirled around on the black dashboard of the car. My friend decided he didn't want to buy gas at that station (it was Exxon) so we went to the next gas station over. While he was inside buying some ice-cream, got out to stretch. I noticed that my balance was impeccable as I stretched my quads standing on one foot and contorting my body in all sorts of weird ways, so I decided to skateboard. Upon attempting my first ollie (jump), I went about as high as I ever have and my board seemed glued to my feet. I tried a 180 ollie, which at the time I was only landing about 25% of the time and nearly landed my first one. I easily and smoothly landed the next. Every motion seemed effortless. The remainder of the trip was spent in the car. My friend and I had a very engaging conversation. I had the overwhelming sense that I could do achieve anything I wanted to; I felt incredibly energetic and powerful. I remember noting that at no point during the trip did I feel any nausea, which is unusual for me. In fact, I felt no pain or discomfort of any kind. Prior to the trip I was experiencing neck pain from being in the car so much- and the pain returned the next day; but it was not there while under the influence of the shrooms I have yet to do shrooms again, but the next time I do, I plan on having my skateboard handy. That same friend and I did take acid together about a month later, but that's another story entirely.

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