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Trip to the Moon

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I have been visiting the Shroomery for a couple months now on a daily basis to get ideas and advice on teks. I want to thank everyone for their generosity and goodwill in effectively answering all my questions no matter how dumb. I decided to use the Cranberry extraction technique as I had never shroomed before and wanted to experience it before investing money in a growing chamber. I grew 15 quart size jars of Ryche’s Koh Samui mycelium on whole millet. One week after full colonization I was overly anxious to try it and mixed up a jar. Only got minor threshold effects, minor body buzz and feeling relaxed. Kind of a bummer but I figured that I didn’t wait long enough for the jars to produce ample psilocyben,. Turns out I didn’t…So three weeks later I decide to mix up four jars together using about 5 cups of cranberry juice. This was last night by the way…. I end up getting about 3 cups of concentrated mycelium juice. Doing the math, I figure I better and only drink half and see where that puts me. Turns out that was PLENTY! I write all of the above for anyone wanting to try this tek, make sure and wait a month after full colonization or it’s just a waste. I drank 1 1/2 cups of this about 10:45pm and the effects started coming on about 11:15. My head started to feel like it was expanding a bit and I felt like I was a bit drunk, slow movement and speech. So I’m sitting in my chair watching Jay Leno, the trip starts kicking in and I can’t stand to watch TV anymore. My cat comes to the rescue, I notice her outside so I get up to let her in. I decide then to step outside and smoke a cigarette that’s when the trip really started kicking in. I looked up at the night sky and noticed the clouds slowly drifting in front of a half moon. I was awe struck to say the least, I immediately decided that this is where I need to be and sat and watched the clouds play out a story in front of the moon. It was amazing, my ability to make shapes and real objects out of the cloud formations being illuminated by the moon glow. I saw dragons and mushrooms and little elf figures and once saw a perfect replica of the face of the statue of liberty. Not to mention the fact that they are moving around and flowing. I remember thinking that long ago I bet this is how some storytellers got their ideas. I was watching an entire story unfold before my eyes, it was truly awe inspiring. I got my guitar out and played along to the story, I’m sure it was just because I was tripping but the music perfectly matched what was going on visually. Words can’t describe how this touched my soul. At some point about an hour and half later, I noticed that some lower clouds were moving very fast. They were being sucked up into a storm formation. I watched that for a little while but figured I better get in and check the news to see if the storm was going to be bad or not. I live on Tornado alley and this time of year is when they are more likely to pop up. Well it was just a Thunderstorm, no rotation in the clouds, but for some reason I decided to sit down and see what was on TV. In retrospect this was a bad idea because the TV and being inside just seemed to bring on more edginess to the trip. I watched some stupid comedy show on NBC and afterwards started to feel kind of nauseous. I think it was from smoking too many cigs. Anyway my mind is completely racing, I am fighting off the idea that maybe I poisoned myself so I decide to lay down on the couch as I am getting tired. It’s about 1:30 or so now. So my mind is racing on and on about how people have different frequencies to their vibrations. Like all people have their own vibration level that they operate at, some are faster, some slower, others deeper, etc. when I decide that I have learned enough for one night and am ready to go to sleep. Well Thailand wasn’t done with me yet. I ended up tripping until about 4 in the morning then couldn’t get to sleep for another hour or so. All in all it was a good time, I loved the introspection and clarity of my thoughts but next time I will start earlier in the evening so I have more energy to enjoy the trip. If you have read this far, thanks for listening to my first experience. I hope yours are filled with as much spiritual manna as this one was.

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