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Sitting on the Campus blacktop

My crazy ass trip last night had its ups and its downs.

My crazy ass trip last night had its ups and its downs. I feel like i can remember everything that happened, but I'm sure that as i am writing this fairly long trip report, some of the more interesting things(to me) may slip my mind.
A couple days ago my friend DT told me he could get his hands on some shrooms, i asked him if he could hook me up with an eighth. When saturday night rolled around, i got so anxious to finally get those things from him. He told me he would call me whenever he got them. I waited and waited, he finally called back to tell me that he'd have them in an hour. But it was too late, i was already off to Illinois State University to do some heavy drinking for the night. He promised to hold onto the 1/8th for me.
Sunday night held my friend's 21st birthday party at my buddy G's house. I went out there at about 8 oclock, after about 5 hours of recovery from the night before. Soon as i get there, warm welcomes brought me into the vast majority of people. I was surprised to see how many people knew me at this party, for being a senior in high school. The first thing i heard was "Joey!" from across the yard. I could tell it was DT, getting ready to show me what i had been waiting for. He whipped out the shrooms, they had a nasty stench to them and the caps were much smaller than i had imagined them to be. This was only my second time shrooming, the first was with a chocolate bar of shrooms which was a great time.I ate the whole eighth, pretty slowly, while sloshing down about 2 or 3 beers along with it. they made me gag. My friends were reluctant to get me to do them on that night. I was planning on saving them for a nice sunny day, for myself, or a few friends. I didnt want to spend the whole night with partiers that werent shroomin along with me. I decided to tell just abouyt everyone that i had taken them, no one thought i was weird, i just told them to help me have a good time on them.after about 10 minutes after eating them, i was outside, trying my best to talk to a few people. while talking to these damn annoying kids, i could feel my limbs, my skin...just disconnecting from my body. My attention was diverted from everyone else, i could only focus on whatever the fuck was going on in my head. I went back inside to see what kind of fun i could have. everyone asked me how i was doin, and i just basically smiled, or laughed, because i knew they thought they knew what i was going through, but no one really ever does.
A few "acquaintances" were at the kitchen table, about to play circle of death.I decided to join in , but let them know that i was tripping, and if i start freaking out...or whatever else, or if i get up and leave, it's becasue of that. They agreed to take care of me and we started playing. That beer went down smoothly, probably becuase of how bad the shrooms tasted before that. (note:I JUST now remembered that i actually had more beer than i thought i had last night before i drove home. whoops) After about 4 cards drawn from each person, i stopped myself. I just got up and went outside. My friend W called me asking for directions to the party. It was so confusing to tell her how to get out there, especially with all the other people tryingn to help me tell her. She finally figured out how to get to the country house, but turned around before she got there because she thought she had gone too far. I was still talking to her on my cell phone. I walked out to Campus blacktop. Campus is the town you have to go through to get the the house, and campus blacktop goes basically from my town, through campus, to the house.sorry if that brain fucked anyone. So anyway, i walk out to the road, and see some tail lights going the opposite way. I told W to brake, it was her alright. She turned around, and i sat in the middle of the road to wait for her. I saw some head lights that seemed to be closer than where she was, but they werent. I started freaking out, thinking it was a cop, i got up, told ehr to flash her lights, and it was her. I settled down. Sitting on the road again, i could see the car in the "distance" getting closer and closer, and the sound that it made on the road was incredibly frightening.It sounded like a jet was about to fly over my head. "EEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW", getting higher pitched and higher pitched, louder and louder, not stopping. It felt like the car was getting so close that it was about to hit me. It sounded like it was going fast, so i finally got up and out of my daze, and got to the side of the road. W didnt seem to slow down, and after about 15 seconds more(that's right, she really wasnt even close to me), the car passed me up and went into the driveway. I told her and a few others how much that insanity fucked me up.
leaning against one of the cars there was one of the funnest things.Me and W stood there while many people came by and talked to us, i just soaked up every little thing that was going on at the party. I then started to get the dejavu feelings. I felt that i had been at that party a long time ago, that i had stood against the car, that i had done everything with all the same people that night, but never took the shrooms. i felt like i was a little kid again. Everything kept reocurring and i felt like i was having dejavu over and over, on top of it's own dejavu. After a couple hours of being bored, not seeing any visuals, and not really feeling like i liked shrooms anymore, me and my buddy P decided to go back to town to get some subway. I work at subway, and i knew that by the time we got there, it would probably be closed, or the workers would be trying to clean everything up for the night. They would be pissed.it was 10:30. P talked me into going for a ride there, in my car. he drove, and 2 girls hopped along in the back. Everyone at the party wanted us to pick something up from subway. All i asked of P and the girls was to shut the fuck up in my car and dont talk on their cell phones. All i wanted to do was listen to some Tool, then go home after we got the food. we finally got to subway after a lot of annoying talking, cell phones, and drunk driving. The workers were pissed when we got there. I went back to make a sandwich for a good friend.All my friends came behind the counter and tried to make some sandwiches too, and i wanted to kick them in the heads. We were stealing food, there when we werent supposed to be, and i was probbaly gonna get in trouble over it. After making one sandwich, P told me that i need to make another, i finally realized i should be doing this. The manager will count the bread and i'd fuck myself over. I freaked out on everyone till i got them out of the restaurant. We went to mcdonalds to get a bunch of shit off the dollar menu for the people backa t the party. we waited for so long, and i was just freaking out. a cop drove by us in the parking lot while we were waiting to get our food. I had P get out of the driver seat and let a girl drive, first, because she's sober, second, it would make it look like i was just letting my girlfriend drive the car and not that im all shroomed up, or drunk. We finally got the food, and it made me hate mcdonalds even more.everyone but me was eating in muy car, and it almost made me sick. they looked like a bunch of pigs.all i had was some cheetos we stole from subway.on the way back, i realized that the girl that was driving was trying to get with me for the night. This girl has been my friend for so long. and we smoke just about every night together, just do things as friends would do.. i dont want things to be fucked up because she starts to get a thing for me.she was pissing me off all night becasuse ididnt want her like she wanted me. the ride home was quiet and comfortable, for me. i could tell that everyoen else, especially that girl, had a lot of tension in her, and that made me feel bad. i just tried to zone out and listen to tool. The coolest thing on the way back was seeing a fox cross the road. i noticed it in the pitch black really far away before anyone else did. it scared the shit out of everyone but me.we got back, and told everyoen that sorry, subway was closed when we got there. they munched down the macdonalds anyhow. The girl that drove me back, S, was trying to get me to leave with her, so we could go back to my house, smoke some pot and she could rape me. I refused to leave, so she got mad and left with her friends.
I continued to sit on the couch behind everyone playing poker and just smoke my swisher sweet cigarillos. Smoking those was amazing. I didnt even feel myself breathing in the smoke. It felt like the cleanest of air going into my lungs, so i chain smoked the shit out of them till they were gone.That made me sad when they were empty, so i decided to drag my ass home by myself, driving in my own car. I knew it was a bad idea, but for some reason i thought i had only drank 2 beers abiout 5 hours before, so i figured i'd be fine. Not to ruin all the suspense of a drunken, trippy drive home, but... i was fine.the driving was pretty damn cool, with me not being able to feel myself.things were rushing at me, and lights on houses, or on the road, turned into what i thought was cars. I finally made it safely home. the mushies had worn down to the point where only my body parts still felt high as a kite, not my brain or thoughts. I sat down to smoke a single hitter out of my bag of weed i bought the night before at ISU. i felt the sensation creep back into me. i felt like a mental patient. my mind had no idea what my hands were trying to do, or what everything else was doing. if i stood up, i didnt know why, or how i got there, and if i tried to grab something, i missed it and forgot what i was grabbing for.
I laid down on my couch, listening to pink floyd, trying to read a book, while my thoughts raced back and forth between what i was trying to put together in the story, and what my mind had put it together as. I stared at the wood on my window sill. the grain changed colors with the light hitting it. I made my own pictures out of what i saw in it. I dont remember what exactly i saw, but i remember making out some kind of a rack for cowboy stuff, hats, and what not. then i tried to remember that, then go back to the wood, and make another picture that i could put together with it. the pictures in my head changed to nice, seemingly painted, 3 dimensional objects. I imagined the picure to be set in the desert, and i also saw a snake hanging from something when i caught another object.The music was amazing. It felt as if i was with the record producer, figuring out how to make all the sounds they made, making it seem to be going back and forth from speaker to speaker, just to fuck up any person on shrooms listening to it. The music felt like a drug of its own.
I really dont know what else to explain to you, all i remember is falling asleep to the next pink floyd cd in my cd player, Meddle.I woke up to some annoying, possibly skipping, music that i had to turn off because it was freaking me out or something. i later woke up again fresh as a daisy trying to put together all my insane thoughts that had gone through my head last night.

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