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Silence Is Golden

It was on a sunny day, about 2 weeks ago.

It was on a sunny day, about 2 weeks ago. I had about 6 grams of dried Psilocybin Cubensis in my lap on the way to get some pot. I have done psilocybin several times in 2 years since my first time and i was sort of doing it for kicks to show off ya know? I hadn't eaten a single thing that morning, anyway after burning 2 bones it all began. It began much faster than i had intended. Anyway i was beginning to freak so i had his cousin drive me to my friends house. It was wierd it was like being in a submarine. Anyway when i got there my other friend ill call "steve" was there expanding his mind as well. we just sat there giggiling back and forth. The walls were those woodwork type ta know what i mean? they made the most eneffable paterns, and suddenly they began to pop out like independent slots......

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