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shrooms dont get you high

To be "high" on shrooms is usually misunderstood.

To be "high" on shrooms is usually misunderstood. A thing for people to just fuck with, and essentially make fun of and abuse. If one eighth in grams does not reveal immense meaning to you, than you are missing the point. Some people will NEVER get even the beginning axiom of the matter. It all reveals it's self as language breaks down and bodily shock sets in. Then The true intention of this symbiosis is definately exposed.
I can only yake 1 gram of dried shrooms max. at this point after taking a ridiculouse amount of ayahuasca, which by the way is surprizingly a far more profound, and is a far cheaper/more easily attained-intense experience, but with far more perplexing implications along with 4 week long--> (super-intense after-effects).
A friend of mine took the typical 5 gram heroic dosage of shrooms and found it to be far more complicated than most of the bad-trip experiences I have read. THe thing is, he and I are more seasoned with the stages of level 5-6 hallucinogenic drug experiences than mostly anyone(and have been for years).
The intensity of shrooms is usually misunderstood because it is so intense. This intensity fascilitates greater things that truely, by most people, function unseen.
My friend really fucked up by under estimating the power of some of my homegrowns and lost it. Broke down the next cay, cried his eyes out, and feared his return to some sembalance of self. All I know is that It could have been much worse. During the experience he contemplated calling 911 because of his terrible physical discomfort, coupled with a worrying heart rate. This dose could, under the wrong circumstanses have killed me at 165 lbs. I know this because I am FAR more fragile than this 230 pound giant. The maximum of anxiety and physical discoumfort for him would equate to some very very serious problems for me, and I don't just mean passing out with little recollection. I mean, schyzophrenic tendancies, and visuals for life.
Be very careful. Just because someone else can eat a quarter of shrooms without any problems, doesn't mean you can, and it is most likely, that "That guy" was only able to handel it because he or she is just that much less understanding of the physical/mental implications of what the body is encountering on that faithful day. It is sad, the amount of shrooms waisted in a years time all over the world. SHatter this misunderstanding and harness the power of a 2 gram shroom trip, as to the shaman, it is more than adiquate for time dialation etc.

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