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Trip to Burger King

My friend and I had been growing some cubes and it was a Friday so I decided to have some fun.

My friend and I had been growing some cubes and it was a Friday so I decided to have some fun. I had smoked a little weed before hand and a couple hours later I decided to eat the mushrooms. I ate three medium sized fresh mushrooms, weighing about 13 grams. My friend and I returned to my house and ate dinner. While sitting at the table after finishing eating, I suddenly could not stop myself from laughing. I left the room and we went to my room to pack so I could stay at the safe haven of my friends house. It took forever to pack, I kept getting distracted, and loosing my train of thought. It was rough but I finally finished. We went to my friends house for a couple minutes and decided to go to Burger King so my friend could see his girlfriend. While at my friends house I decided to check out the screen saver trip toys that we got from the Shroomery. I kind of felt like I was going to throw up while looking and them but my feelings were mixed. I kept falling over in the seat in the truck from letting my body go limp. I didn't want to go in to BK. My friend was pissing me off because I didn't want to get caught and kept saying not to worry. My friend waited at the counter for his girlfriend while I sat in the back staring at the walls and checking out for fine looking woman. I found the sign that said "Hey Kids" quite interesting. The letters were breathing and I was having fun by myself. The little dots of the walls and the tables made a good pattern. A clear pattern was running over the walls and tables. Eventually the couple returned and we chatted for a bit and by the time they got done, my fun was pretty much over.

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