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Semi Fresh Mushrooms

I have done psilocybe mushrooms on several occasions and one time (this was like my 4th time doing shrooms) I split an 1/8 with my friend ("D").

I have done psilocybe mushrooms on several occasions and one time (this was like my 4th time doing shrooms) I split an 1/8 with my friend ("D"). The mushrooms where dry but plable meaning that I couls bend the stem and it whouldent break. Washed them down with one 3.2 Alc.% beer (FUCKING UTAH) and then went to play basketball. Played for 45 min and went back to the house.
We talked (D and some other "sober" friends)for a couple hours and then went to the garage to smoke some fuckin good grass. smoked 3 bowls out of an apple. I started to see tracers everywhere and knew that the mushrooms where kickin' in.
All the sudden I was relaxed all over and felt myself start to "drift out" the next thing I know I open my eyes and two of my friends where grabing my arms(because I had colapsed) and asking me if i was alright and suggested that I go outside and sit and get some air.
I stood up but my legs where weak and wobbley. I started for the door; my vision totally fucked. Went inside down the hall and started up the stairs but fell down. So I got up, but fell down, and up, and down. I was aware that i couldent walk up the stairs and felt embarassed, so i got up and ran up the rest of the stairs.
Suddenly I thought that I was outside laying on the grass looking at the stars. Then I opened m ees to find that I was laing on the floor of the kitchen.
So I got up and went out of the already open glass sliding door(opend by one of my freaked out friends) and sat down.

I was shaking all over, I had a "cold sweat"; and I mean I was soaked in sweat, NO prefreial vision(everything looked flat like on one peice of paper).

My friend brought me a glass of water and asked me if I wanted them to call an ambulance.

I said no way,and then proceded to trip VERY HARD for about an hour.(this is the trick part) I saw a checkerboard only it wasnt squares they where dimands(this pattern was whare the sky was. It almost looked like I was in a coverd football stadtium and then went insane with thought, hearing children laughting and insaneley, crazy shit.

I felt myself coming togeather again. Started to relax,
stoped tripin and started to talk to my friends,(I was
silent the entire time I was out their)who where sitting out their with me.
The Point: Mushrooms are a strong drug and shouldent be taken lightly or (in my opinion) frequently, once a month at the most, and although Ive seen people take 1/4 oz. I whould not recommend it and whould never eat that much.
Try half an 1/8 the first time, and in future situations take only half an 1/8 and smoke some buds (more in a bit) wait an hour (but it can take longer). If you have the desired effect stop, if not eat a little more.
Marijuana will help the mushrooms take effect faster, and in my oppinion bring out the desired effert. When I started to smoke bud It kicked in hard, and in another "shroom situation" of mine I ate 4-5 g. and smoked a spliff and felt them in 15 min!
Conclusion: Mushrooms = GOOD( if taken wisley)
Mushrooms + Reefer = FUCKIN GOOD

In a puff of smoke im gone,

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