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School Trip

OK, Here's the deal.

OK, Here's the deal.. The freshmen, sophmors, juniors, and seniors set up play's and compete in this thing called Rock Rivalry. I had heard that the juniors and seniors were planning to use fog machines, blacklights galore, and strobe lights., I prepared for this by munchin some shroomies in math class, before this all took place. We walked down the halls, into the autotaurium, and sat down., The freshmen came on, and i started to feel the coming of a great trip., People in make-up and costumes were dancing all around the stage., I was pretty mellow during their performance., But as soon as they were done, the lights came on, and we waited for the sophmors to get on the stage.. hen i started to peak, The curtains on the stage started to wave, and morph into each other, .. Now here's the scary thing., About 20 teachers were behind my back, and i knew it., I was getting so paranoid, and i just wanted to go home., I assured myself that it would all be over in 3 more hours., Have you ever been in a room, with at least 500 people in it, and everyone is talking at once? You try to understand them, but all u can make out is muttering., Well, imagine that on alot of shroomz. Then i started to feel as if i was gonna puke./, It felt like worms were crawling in my stomach, and trying to escape my body., In the middle of all this., i turned my head, and there was this girl, staring at me with the most terrified face you have ever seen. All i could do was stare back., She was decorated w/ make up, so i couldnt tel who she was., But she honestly looked like she just saw multiple ghosts., When the sophs got on stage, i was really terrified., they were all dressed up like bee's, and i thought that they would all attack me., I thought that people were calling me behind me, and i kept turning around, and realized all my teachers were there.. , All the on stage were dancing around, and all i could make out were trails., nothing more., When they ended, i stumbled up, and tried to go to the bathroom. Just them my science teacher asked me where i was gong., I replied "I'm gonna go to the bathroom"., then i turned around, and he just stared at my eyes. An angry look came on his face, and he made that little finger motion while saying "Get over here". i was terrified., then he told me that the bathroom was the other way. While trying to take a piss, this indian kid came in and took the stall next to me. he asked me who i thought would win, and i just mumbled under my breath.,. I couldn't even go to the bathroom., So i just zipped up, and washed my hands, and left., When i returned, the Juniors(us) were allready on the stage. My peak was over, and i hadn't a care in the world., we were the best so far., and we had so many trip toys on that stage., The seniors came after us, and sucked., I thought that they were playing a joke or something.. they were horendous. after it was all over, i went outside, smoked a cigarette, and went home.. The End

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