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Salvia Divinorum tincture

I just (about 20 minutes ago) took what was labeled as a strong dose of salvia tincture, I took it diluted so it was eight eyedropers of tincture and 4 eyedropers of hot water, excuse any mistakes and I'll try to relate how it was/is (i'm still feeling kinda out there).

I just (about 20 minutes ago) took what was labeled as a strong dose of salvia tincture, I took it diluted so it was eight eyedropers of tincture and 4 eyedropers of hot water, excuse any mistakes and I'll try to relate how it was/is (i'm still feeling kinda out there). Not much has happened so this shouldn't take too long. I started by cleaning up my room after my room-mate and some other people who were over left for the evening or a while atleast. I prepared the mixture and put away the bottle it came in, I had a clock ready so I could tell when the 15 minutes was up, thats how long it's supposed to stay in your mouth. It stung a little as it first entered my mouth but that went away almost immediately and all that was left was an almost nice tingling, it wasn't until about another 5 minutes went by and it started to feel like it was expanding in my mouth, my cheeks started to poof out a little but I wasn't too suprised because this happened the first time I had tried salvia as well. After this happened I decided to put on some music to keep my mind off how full my mouth felt, I put on the blue danube waltz by strauss. I soon started to really feel the music and felt like moving around the room, although I still felt almost completely normal, just enjoying the music. Then I started to feel kinda weird to be moving around so much and thought I should lay down. This was when I started to notice the first effects, no visuals or anything like that, just like I was being taken somewhere else, kinda like the very first effects of a mushroom trip. Soon another song started to play, the organ fuge in G minor by bach, one of my favorites, a great song everyone should hear. The I got back up because my time was almost up and I wasn't feeling anything too much, I decided to take some more salvia because I was dissappointed by not feeling more, and felt ready for a strong experience. After getting the bottle out I realized I still had a few more minutes to go and thought I would enjoy the music entil the time was up, I layed back down just as the song was changing again, it was the chaconne by bach, I layed there thinking and could feel the music coming in waves, and I was getting more disoriented/transported whatever, then I had been, the music started to bring me down a little and I started to get a little paranoid and thought it would be better not to take anymore. I went to put the bottle away and looked in the mirror and was happy to see that I didn't look messed up or anything, I was getting more paranoid but after realizing I looked normal I decided to go outside and have a ciggarette to make sure nothing wrong was happening out there, as I was sure there wasn't. On the way outside I could feel my balance being a little off, but it was easy to control and was rather enjoyable. I was still feeling about paranoid but the feeling was changing, it's kinda hard to explain, I think it was just me starting to think combined with paranoid, I started to feel almost guilty, like I should be doing this here. Some cars were going by in front of me, one of the cars had their horn held in and the guy was waving, I wasn't sure what to do, I was thinking, what am I that obviously fucked up that people can tell driving by, I new I wasn't I was just sitting there like normal smoking, it made me feel better when the car passed and I could here the horn still going off down the street, it was the driver being crazy not me. None of this helped my paranoia though and I could see off to me side in a building across the parking lot there was people out on their balconies, this made me nervous so I went from the picniic table I was at and stood by more door and decided to finish my cigarette quickly, as I was standing there I started to listen to the birds outside, I felt that I didn't belong outside where I was but I the birds made me feel much better, I wish I had been out in nature in a more secluded area because I felt like staying out there and listening to the birds. I was getting really bad vibes being where I was and thought the birds must be crazy for being able to put up with that feeling all the time. I was also enjoying looking at all the tree's around so once I finished smoking I went inside and opened the windows, it was a hard to decision because I was still feeling paranoid so after opening them I closed them again and went to the computer, where I am now, I started listening to some dead meadow wich made me start to feel better, although still kind of negative and paranoid, I was thinking of what to door on the internet and thought about reading some trip reports when I got the idea of writing my own. Once started to write I really started to feel a lot better, and now I'm feeling quite good, and just feeling the effects lightly now. Nothing to interesting happening, I wasn't transported to another world or anything, but I definatly did feel the influence and looking back now I realize that I was given a message very strongly that this is not a good place, for phsycedelics atleast, and also that I need to be very careful not to do stupid things, because in the world today it's easy to get fucked by police and the like, it's hard to describe the feelings really, as has been said many times by others salvia is to be treated with respect and listened to, it's no party drug, I really didn't even have a "good" time but I'm thankful now for being given this valuable experience and it will be something I reflect on often. Well, nothing to interesting like I said, but atleast it's a report of the effects of savlia divinorum by way of tincture, wich aren't to many.

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