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Trip Dreams

Well, I tried a melatonin/Ps.

Well, I tried a melatonin/Ps. C. synergy and here is the break down.

Started in the morning with 1.5 gm DL phenelanaline, 200 mg DMAE, 500 mg esterized ascorbic acid and 15 mg Melatonin (sublingual). I waited 30 min for any effect. There was a definate shift, like the first edge of a psychedellic. I then added a recreational dose of Ps. C. (6 med. sized 3" ish). They were dried, so I made miso, quite good. :) Began to start feeling their effect at 15min. and decided to use my "mind machine." This is definitely non standard behavior for me while tripping, but I'm a strong believer in going with the flow. Normally, I either get overwhelmed by the sensory over load or I get twichy and bored when I use the mind machine, but this time I set it for 30 hz sweep down to 4 hz, over 15 min, with no sound and had the best time I'v ever had with it. The normal dancing patterns gave way to a pure white field for long periods of time. During that time I felt kind of blissed out. After about 30-45 minutes of this I finally felt it was time to do onther things, so I turned it off...beautiful interlocking purple rings in the after image. Further, I found that all that bliss had left me very sexualy stimulated - - to the point of leaking like a sieve. Unfortunately this was a solo trip, but where there is a hand there is a way, so I repaired to the bed room to take care of this. When I started to work on that, I found that I would suddendly snap in and out of a rem like dream state. Some of the lapses were lucid, some not, and it was all extremely pleasant. This was very wierd, I can have close eyed visuals while tripping, but this felt exactly like "normal" dream states. The transitions were very "clean" and "sharp." They could be held back, but it made me feel tired and irratable (two other things I don't normally get while tripping). As the sexuall intensity increased, the dreams states stopped. The orgasm was every bit as intense as only a psychedellically boosted orgasm can be. But the after glow went on and on and on. Finally, I realized that my energy reserve badly needed recharging as I was stating to get that low blood sugar feel and shakiness. So I went to get some juice ant *ate a bannana*! I don't think I've ever gotten down a whole bannana while 3ish hours into a trip, even on lessor doses. Also, I noticed that the peak seemed unusually long. The rest of the trip was spent exploring domestic chores. :)

Other things of interest, there were very little visuals and head talk seemed to be much less than normal, but I felt every bit as wired as I would have expected to feel. Also the "speedy" efects were diminished.

Altogether, I rate it as fun, deserving of further exploration. I may try the 7 day prep next time.

Rational of ingredients:
DL-phenelanaline: Natural antidepressant, inhibits dopamine deplesion (I've found Melatonin leaves me a bit depressed feeling)
DMAE: cognative enhance, stimulant (Didn't want to fall asleep)
Esterized Ascorbic acid: Keep the imune system up, its that time of year and I do find some imune suppression when tripping.

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