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Roaming With Sticks

It was the first time doing shrooms for me and my two friends Bobby and Sam.

It was the first time doing shrooms for me and my two friends Bobby and Sam. All we'd ever done before was weed so we thought it was time to try somethin different. We went down to this local shop which sold fresh shrooms and bought 3 bags of mexican ones which the guy described as light and ideal ofr first time trippers like ourselves. After 3 days of drying them and trying to find the perfcet night to take the shroms we ground them up one night and mixed about 5 grams or so into the pasta I'd made to diloute the taste of utter shit.

Me and Bobby finnished ours quickly to tatse as little as possiblr and sat back talking, trying to keep our moods high. I really had no idea what to expect at this point. Part of me thought they weren't the real deal and would simply do nothin, another oart feared a terrible trip, but i did all i could to keep my frame of mind positive and there was defo some excitement there. We sat there in our messy living room of the flat and bobby looked over tome claiming the wall was pink we debated whether this was just psycological shit or not, but a few minutes later when i stood up things wer different. i was extremely mellow, like with weed but more sort of dreamy and carefree to just walk around the room. the lino floor of the kitchen felt light and spongey like a cross between a bouncy castle and the surface of themoon. I stood in our kitchen swinging my arms around because they felt weightless, this made me burst into histerics and Bobby and Sam just sat there confused as the effect hadn't hit them as much yet. Sam saw me and decdied to take the rest of her shrooms on a lolly pop - she'd been cautious before and only done a 3rd. Well i just wandered around and sat in different places asll over the flat, eac hoe was a new world to me where i couldn't be harmed and everything was the most perfect level of content possible. Bobby started joining me and we laughed wandering around and jumping on beds. It felt amazing like we were just springing into this weird bliss that's hard to describe.

I guess the moment i knew they'd really hit us was when we started climbing on all the surfaces of the kitchn, it felt like a new world to explore. Bobby made a tie out of tinfoil and i made a toilet roll bandana it flet like i was someone else in this bouncy world, someone who only existed in perfection and lived a linear life where perfection was all he knew. This is about as close as i can get to explaining it. We slapped each other repatadley since it ddin't hurt and started to believe we could do almost anything. i understood at that moment how people had jumped out of windows believing they could fly.

It was about 2.3o now and the shrooms had been in effect for only 15 minutes or so, this amzed us as it felt like 2 hours. We rentered the living room talking about how Sam wasn't on our shroom wavelength and got proof as we saw her sitting in the corner a wreck of totally random emotion. "It's ike i just wana laugh and cry and run about and scream and do everything!" she droaned while shaking with tears and sweat. "Sam are you okay,what's it like?" we asked her fascinated and inher histerric all she could do was laugh in happiness one second and wail in distress the next.Nrmaly i'd have been scared but isat wtching and even this aded to the contentment i was totally different. Afdter a while we got up and wandered around, Sam gad gained control again, but the lolly pop dosage had really hit her. WE clambered nder tables sat at different places and even made a display from tea bags and CDs.

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